Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kayden's Birth Story

Welcome to the World Kayden

On Monday May 18th, I had my 39 week appointment, when I walked into that appointment I had resolved to go naturally with baby boy( yes he still didn't have a name), since I haven't ever gone naturally before. By the end of that appointment we decided to go with the induction and have our little one arrive on his Great uncle Rocky's birthday, who had been killed in action in Iraq in 2005 and give baby boy the middle name of Rocky.

That evening was quite the eventful evening to say the least, in fact at one point I was having serious doubts if we should even go ahead with the induction. The night went as following, for dinner we had potatoes, which Carson refused to eat, however, Robert forced him to eat them before heading down to Aunt Renee and Uncle Jeremy's home for the evening. Well on the way to their house, we quickly pulled over at which time Carson threw up. We didn't think anything of it, until later when Renee called us about 10 pm saying Carson had been throwing up all night and was now resting peacefully, at that point we almost drove down and got him, I felt so bad for him, but what are you going to do? In the end we still ended up going through with the induction on May 19th. 

After dropping the kids off, we went home to think of a first name for our little boy using the middle name. In the end we ended on Kayden after spelling it all the different ways we could think of, he had his name Kayden Rocky Dickens.

On Tuesday about 6 am in the morning the hospital called and said to come in, things went smoothly. We checked in and got set up in our room, the laboring nurse had Runner Girl Jamberry nails on, so cool! We got all hooked up and I was already at 4 cm, Say What? Never been that before, just before 9 am the nurse came in because I was starting to feel it quite well to see if I would like an epidural since the anesthesiologist was going into surgery and would be about 45 min, at that time I declined since I figured I could wait at least that long.  Well it turns out he was delivering twins, thankfully my nurse returned shortly after and let me know of the update, at which point I took her up on the offer for the epidural. Which turned out to be a great thing, since we never actually got the pumped hooked up before little one decided to join us. About 9:30 my water broke all on its own, that was a weird feeling as I had never had that happen either. I looked at Robert and said I think my water just broke, he checked and sure enough it had. I knew what that meant not much longer and we would be meeting our son for the first time. 

On the way to the hospital we gave our estimates as to when this little one would arrive, we both said afternoon time, well he had other plans, he was born in the 10 am hour, about 2 and 1/2 after we got all hooked up with pitocin, to say we were shocked.  We didn't even have time to what Star Trek or even play on the computer like we did before, he was coming and he came fast!

I felt so bad the nurse who had been with us almost to the time he was born had a deposition for a case she had worked on like 5 year early that she had to go to at 10 am, so she ended up missing the birth all together. Within 3 contractions our Kayden was born. Once again I was able to use the mirror and see him come out and cut his cord, what a neat experience. While the two of us were getting cleaned up Mama Dickens called to get an update on the progress, in which we surprised her and let her know that he had just arrived, much quicker than anyone had imagined. While we were still in the delivery room, Kayden was a bit wheezy because he had come out so quickly he didn't have enough time to cough out mucus during birth, we had an amazing nurse who told me to nurse rather than calling a respiratory therapist right away, turns out she was right, he was able to cough it out by himself! 

Welcome Kayden!

May 19th, we became a family of 5!

After a short labor Kayden Rocky Dickens came into our lives. 

Kayden Rocky 
May 19th, 2015
8 lbs 4 oz
20.5 inches

He had a little weezing, but I am grateful for nurses, who didn't send him right to the NICU, but allowed me to nurse him and he was able to cough it out. 

Proud Daddy!
Love this picture of the two of us!
Snagged a picture of the 3 of us before big brother and big siser showed up

Of course being a Jamberry Nails Consultant I had to have nails for the occasion. 
I think it is save to say, Carson loves his baby brother!
My baby girl doesn't grew up over night!
3 miracle babies!
Family of 5

Flowers from my parents, 2 blue for our handsome boys, and 1 red for our beautiful girl. 
Carson is a natural baby whisper

Dad and Sydni went to get the car, while Carson and I got Kayden ready to go home, what a fun experience to leave the hospital with my precious boys!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Baby Brother Almost Here!

We can't wait for baby brother to join our family, only a short few weeks left! Shirts are ready and kisses all around!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Payson Temple Open house

As a family, we walked the grounds of the new Payson Temple after General Conference, it was so windy, but still a enjoyable time as a family

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter 2015

Grandma and Grandpa Payne always put on a great Easter hunt, the kids always get a ton!
 This time Sydni new exactly what to do, she practically ran this time. 
 The newest member of the family, Julien.
 Aunt Rachel was so excited to help Rachel, she helped her the entire time. 
 At three Carson was a pro, I don't think he took a minute to stop in between finding all his eggs. 
 He even found them in the most difficult of places.
 Some were high, and some were low!
 Bend, bend, bend
 Some in the pokey.
 Robert even manage to get my huge belly in the shot, probably on purpose. Only about 6 weeks until this little guy decides to show is face. 
 Look mom!
 The pregnant ladies chillin.