Monday, April 29, 2013

Growing too Fast!

As we draw closer to the date we are to bring another baby into our family I can't help myself and think they really do grow up fast. My first little baby is almost two and at times that is sad, but I love all the new things he is learning and how he is growing. He has been a joy to me and I can't imagine my life without my little Bubba. He is beginning to talk and repeat more things and I can't help but smile and cheer for all the accomplishments he has made since he came into my life.  I now realize what everyone has meant when they say " Do not blink, because before you know it they will have be out of the house." This poem reminds me of how I am feeling today about my little Carson, mommy loves you!

A Touch of Love

He was six months old and full of fun,
With a blink of an eye, he was suddenly one. 
There were so many things we going to do, 
But I turned my head and he was two. 
At two he is very dependent on me, 
But independence took over when he turned three.
His third birthday, another year I tried to ignore. 
But when I lit the candles, there weren't three, but four.
Four was the year that he really strived, 
Why, look at him now, he's already five. 
Now he's ready for books and for rules, 
This is the year that he goes to school. 
The big day came, he was anxious to go,
We rode to school, going so, so slow.
As he climbed the steps and waived goodbye,
I felt a lump in my throat and tears stung my eyes.
Time goes so fast, its hard to believe,
That just yesterday he was here at home with me. 
And tomorrow when he drives home, 
And I hear his music pound, 
He'll be wearing his cap and graduation grow. 
So I'm holding to the moments as hard as I can,
Because the next time I look, I'll be seeing a man. 

Unknown author

I know that I have not hit some of these miles stones, but if the last 22 months has been any indication they will fly by, but they will be wonderful each and every moment we have together. As we continue to get ready for the baby, I am reminded as he climbs into the bassinet or sits in the infant car seat that he is not my baby anymore, but he will always be mine.

My not so little baby

Love all his little faces!

He loves wearing his "shades"

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mommy's Shoes

I like to wear my Mommy's shoes. 

I mean the pair she doesn't use. 
To walk around, go out the door. 
Clumpy-clump all across floor. 

My little boy loves to put on Mommy and Daddy's shoes, today he decided Mommy's workout shoes would do the trick! As you can see he still needs some practice before he can take on the high heals!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Too Tired!

For nap today I placed Carson in his bed the correct way, a few hours later I found him in this position. 

I can only imagine what went through his head, " Must wake up, too tired to make it out of bed!" Then fell back asleep unable to move, even kids have that problem sometimes.  Yes his eyes are open, but they opened when the camera flash went off :)

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Let's go fly a kite
Up to the highest height
Let's go fly a kit
And send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let's go fly a kite 
Let's go fly a kite!

As a family we decided that yesterday was finally warm enough to go outside for a bit to fly the kite Carson got for Easter this year, it was a bit chilly, but we still had a lot of fun as a family.  It took a few tries before Robert was able to get it flying pretty good in the air, we didn't have the best conditions when it came to the wind, but we made it work. 

At first the kite just kept flying around in a circle, until Robert realized that the kite was not put together correctly, after that it flew pretty well for a cheaper kite. 

Carson very much enjoyed running around and looking way up into the sky as Daddy flew the kite, his cute smile proofs it!

I was able to get a pretty good picture of what the kite looked like as it was up in the air, I was pretty proud of the picture, normally can't snap a picture that fast. 

Carson enjoyed it so much that a few times he could not control himself and ended up getting tangled in the kite while it drifted to the ground. 

A couple of action shots of Carson chasing after the kite and Daddy. He might be a track star someday with that running position!

While we were out a few of the neighbor kids volunteered to take a few pictures of our little family. We got lucky to have such a good picture of all 3 of us including the kit which was positioned perfectly.

These next pictures were taken by a neighborhood boy who offered to take a few pictures. After he took a few of Carson he said maybe someday these pictures will be "memories" such a cute way of putting it. 

Our photographer did a very good job for only being 11 yrs old. 

The night would not be complete without a funny totally not planned photo that turned out great.

Love my two wonderful good looking guys.

What a fun Monday night FHE activity!

Friday, April 19, 2013

69 days.... But Who's Counting

Officially 10 more weeks, or less before our little princess joins our family!

I still can't believe I have already made it 3/4th of the way through this pregnancy, it seems just like yesterday that we found out another baby would be joining our family. Even though I feel gigantic, I have to say this pregnancy has not been miserable. I have had the normal aches and pains, but I am still able to do Zumba with a little modification of course, but still can do it! Starting to get the acid re-flux (not fun) and my back is achy, but I can endure it.

Come next Thursday, we will actually be starting into the SINGLE digit countdown, as I will be 31 weeks pregnant then.  But really, I am not keeping track or anything, love being pregnant despite the complaining I might do every now and again. Can't wait to meet you princess. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Our Little Drummer Boy

Our Little Drummer Boy, he is a natural. We have had these paint buckets under the table since before he was born as we are slow painters, but they came in handy for his enjoyment. 

Look at him go, will be in the big leagues before long!

Making Cookies w/ Mom

Last night Carson and I made white chocolate M & M cookies together. He was a very good helper, and helped put in every ingredient after it was properly measured of course. When it came time to add the M & Ms he decided it was fun to eat them until he say mom tossing them into the mixing bowl after that it was more fun to toss them into the mixer. 

You might think that Carson was just being a sweet boy and giving mom a hug, but you would be wrong he was a bit afraid of the mixer when it started to mix. However, by the end he was attempting to turn the mixer on himself, so I call that success. 

It must have been pretty loud for him as well!

We decided to use the white chocolate M & Ms in a cookie recipe because to be honest they were not that great by themselves and we personally could not stand eating them as a standalone candy. In the end the cookies were a success in flavor, and for the icing on the cake I got to spend some quality time making cookies with my son!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Choo Choo Boo Boo

On Saturday, we went to Cedar Fort Books in Springville, a local discount book store that specializes in LDS books. A few weeks prior, Denise had been there and seen a battery-powered train set that was quite nice, and she wanted my input before purchasing it. To our delight, they still had a few left, so deeming it a nice set, we purchased it. They also had a small version of just the engine for a few dollars, so we couldn't pass that up since Carson is REALLY into trains. 

Later that day when we arrived home from visiting Grandma and Grandpa Dickens I assembled the train set. The track can be either 4 feet in diameter or 4 X 6'. Carson could not hardly contain himself and was trying for all he was worth to get the train. Once it was finally assembled and and I turned it on his reaction was not what either of us expected. He was scared to death of the train. 

Now for a little back story. A few months ago I was cooking french toast on our griddle for breakfast. Carson was trying to be part of my efforts and didn't understand what "hot" meant. I kept trying to keep him away telling him it was hot over and over again, but he persisted. Finally, realizing the griddle was not hot enough to do any lasting damage, I stopped trying to keep him away. With his new-found freedom, Carson decided to reach over and put his finger on the griddle. He learned very quickly then what "hot" means. Since hot things often have steam or smoke associated with them, he has draw his own conclusion that steam and smoke are always hot. 

Well, this train generates a small stream of smoke, which it puff out of  its smoke stack. Carson will not go near the train, and in fact, rarely will even get off our lap while the train is running. He is absolutely convinced it will burn him, despite our best efforts to tell him otherwise. So, the big train was a flop... for now. We'll see how he handles it come Christmas time when it circles under our tree. 

Sitting in Mama's lap trembling with fear, and that was no joke. He was literally shaking. 

 Maybe that means he will not touch the tree come Christmas time if he is still terribly afraid of the train. 

At least the little train was a big it! He has slept with it for naps and nighttime ever since Saturday, and carries the train at all times during the day. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ

This week I have had the opportunity to really sit down and ponder the relevance of the restoration of the gospel in my life and what it means for me personally. I have been able to study the apostasy as well as the restoration through Preach my Gospel, the scriptures, the words of our later day Prophets and Apostles, and multiple other methods, all of which have been spiritually uplifting. I can not help but feel the love my Heavenly Father had for me personally to bring about the restoration in my time that I don't have to want what I cannot have, I can have it now and whenever I want I can be in direct contact with him through prayer. I can be sealed to my family for all eternity because of the restoration of the priesthood and sealing powers within temples which now dot the earth, I love the feeling and peace to know that I can have my children with me forever as long I live faithfully, this was all made possible because of the restoration. I know that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ along with the Bible can bring many to the knowledge of their Heavenly Father and Savior if they study and come to know for themselves. I thank my Heavenly Father for restoring the gospel in my life and hope to be able in part share it with others through my testimony. I know that Joseph Smith was the first prophet in this dispensation and was an instrument in the restoration of the gospel and many truths that were lost during the apostasy, I know the Book of Mormon came directly from God for our benefit that we can come to know our Savior. I know that we have a prophet today on the earth and he Thomas S Monson stands and gives us direction straight from God to us in our time, and finally I know that Jesus Christ is our Redeemer and is at the end of the church today directing it as he did when he was in mortality and this gives me great comfort with all the turmoil in the world today. I hope that maybe my simple testimony can help draw others to Christ and they can find peace and love through him. If you want other testimonies of this truth of the restoration of the gospel please go to or visit 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What Heaven Sees in You

I came across this video today as I was wasting time online, but it turned out not to be a waste of time. Very powerful message of what Heaven Sees in You( in all mankind) we are all children of God, hope you never forget that!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

" I want in on the action!"

On Monday we had Grandma and Grandpa Dickens over for dinner and in order for  Grandma Dickens to finish up a hemming project for my maternity pants. Before long this project turned into a family hemming project, Robert need his temple pants hemmed and I need my maternity pants hemmed and of course Carson could not be left out and needed his shorts hemmed.  After Daddy got measured for his hemming project Carson jumped right up on the table so Grandma could do him next, what a cute moment. Then it was my turn and while I was on the table Carson pretended to pin up the front of my pants, so I guess we have a little seamstress in our household. Grandma, Dad, and Mom all got a good laugh at his wanting to be just like the big kids!

First time getting hemmed after Daddy, such a patient little boy.

Copying Mom

Helping Grandma pin up Mom's pants

Last check, that is perfect Grandma, Thank you!

We Love Hogle Zoo!

Last week Carson and I spent the day with a childhood friend Jennifer and her two adorable boys at Hogle Zoo. Jennifer invited us to join them as they have a membership and could get us in free, so we took up the offer to have a fun day with them. Lucky for us this is the 3rd time we have been able to get in free in just 2013, and each time Carson has enjoyed it even better. Because we were having so much fun I forgot to pull out the camera and take a few shots of the boys having fun, luckily for us Jen took a few pictures of the fun day. It was cute to see each boy interacting differently to each animal especially in the Reptile house. Ethan loved seeing the small rodents while Carson gravitated to the snakes and other reptiles. Afterwards Jen mentioned that Ethan does not like snakes and when Jen holds one he tells her that she should not hold the snakes, where Carson on the other hand loved them and loves saying "sssss." It was a nice day to spend with a very good friend of mine and as we were taking the boys along it was hard not to reflect on how it was even possible that we both have children of our own now, but what a wonderful life it is. 

Ethan and Carson watching for the Sea Lions, their faces were priceless!

The boys at the Grizzly Bear exhibit.

The reptiles seemed to be Carson's favorites this trip.

The icing on the cake was a free ride on the Merry Go Round, once again Carson's facial expression priceless.

Friday, April 5, 2013

One More Reason Our Baby is Now a Toddler

Though this post should be a happy post that our little boy is growing up and progressing normally it is also a sad post to think he really is not a baby anymore. In preparation to get ready for the new baby we have been transitioning Carson into his big boy bed ( bottom bunk) this started Monday April 1st. It is sad to think he really only has one more major baby thing to learn and that's how to use the toilet, which I least looking forward to. But on the other hand it is exciting to see him so small and being so grown up sleeping in his big bed, so it should be a happy occasion. On Monday night he slept perfectly in his new bed, he was relaxed enough that when I put him in the bed he went right to sleep without a peep, he also didn't seem to move positions at all throughout the night, and was a happy cheerful boy the next morning. So being a novice parents that we are, we thought great he is going to make this transition easy on us, I guess we spoke too soon! Tuesday night was a disaster and finally after trying to get him relaxed and trying to lay with him for a little while, I finally gave up and put him in his crib to cry to sleep, he took longer than normal to fall asleep as well. Wednesday night was perfect again no peeping from the little boy, so on Thursday afternoon when he fell asleep for a nap I laid him in the bed not his crib. Nap time, I was always dreading because he sometimes fights naps, but Thursday he did just fine and took an almost 3 hour nap. Once again no peeping was heard after he put himself to sleep last night or this afternoon for a nap. Though we are still in the first week of this major transition I have to say he is doing remarkably wonderful and he is loving climbing into his bed, he has not even been close to falling out which is a plus as well. Here is to a continued success to a big boy bed for Carson! 

Wednesday morning after the horrible transition night on Tuesday. Silly boy climbed right up when he told him to get into his big boy bed.

Taking a nap Today, wish I could have gotten his face, but didn't want to wake him up after all.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Home Stretch and Final Trimester!

Not a lot has been happening as far as pregnancy updates..... Just the fact that I'm getting bigger and rounder, thus more uncomfortable. I have started to go to the chiropractor more often and I am sure it will continue for the next few weeks. I have finally reached the FINAL trimester of my pregnancy with Sydni, and boy can I say it has gone a lot quicker to this point than with Carson for sure! Sydni is getting big and strong, and she definitely lets me know just how big all times of the day. I am constantly feeling her move and kick and jabbing my ribs and hips, she is now using all of the space she has left that is. She is constantly pushing on my bladder (resulting in my running to the bathroom more times in a day than is possible it seems, especially at night!)  But I would not trade it for anything, in the end I will have another beautiful adorable little baby to call my own, my children are my world. I love being pregnant, even though I complain at times, but it is the greatest feeling to feel your little one moving around inside you, can't wait to hold and kiss this little on in a few short weeks. Cheers to 12 more weeks! Maybe less if I am lucky!

Utah County Health Children's Fair

Last night as I was browsing and wasting time on Facebook book I noticed that the Utah County Health Department was sponsoring a child sized health and safety expo today April 4th, 2010. This expo included activities and sponsors that helped to promote health and safety. Such activities included Provo City Fire and ambulance Department vehicles and displays, Zumbatomic, toothbrush kits, story time, silly picture booth and other games and booths.  I decided why not take Carson to check out the fire trucks and ambulances and have a good free time! He loves watching a show called Chicago Fire with mom on Wednesday nights and loves to say "Fire and Fire Fighter!" 

To begin the expo off we stopped off at the Provo Police booth, where there was a robot police car

Similar Police car such as this one in Disney Pixar's Cars. Immediately cars began making siren calls, as the police officer drove the car right up to Carson in his stroller and proceeded to talk to Carson, he had such a grin on his face. 

There were about 20 booths that you could go around and learn various aspects of health and get various prizes for the kids, and there were some nice giveaways at some of the booths. 

Some of the giveaways we received included a Sesame Street show about eating healthy, multiple color books or pages and crayons, a Junior Sheriff badge, stickers, stress balls, candy, 4 books on staying healthy, a firefighter hat,  a frisbee,  a large fruit snack bag, and a couple of toothbrush kits. 

After finishing up inside, we headed to the foyer where we stayed for a story read my foster grandparent volunteers and took our turn being silly in the photo 

 Carson and Mom being silly in the photo booth. Big lips and mustache make a sweet pair. 

Then came the really fun part and the whole reason we came to the expo, the next part of our trip was the icing on the cake for sure!

Carson got to meet the paramedics, the fire fighters, and a police dog! As soon as he saw the trucks he said "fire fighter" so cute!

In the meantime he was promoted to Fire Chief, not bad for the his first time on the job.

Fire Chief Carson at your service, how can I help you?

Had to also get a picture with the Fire Chief's ambulance unit!

And Because he was promoted to Fire Chief so quickly, Mom was privileged to have a photo opportunity on the back of the ambulance. 

Finally to end out of fun experience at the Expo we became Super Heros by pledging to stay drug and alcohol free! At this booth Carson got a couple slap bracelets that he has been playing with since.  Loving being able to expose my child to the fun and good things in life such as the activities we participated in today.