Friday, January 31, 2014

7 months

Our bright smile little princess turned 7 months on the 24th of this month, and I still can't believe it! She is a joy to have in our home and you can just tell she was in the presence of our Heavenly Father. 

At 7 months:
  • On the very day she she turned 7 months she decided that she wanted to roll over, and so she did and has been rolling ever since. That very day she could roll front to back and back to front. She LOVES to roll!
  • Last night I noticed she is cutting her first tooth, it will be poking through any day.
  • In the past few weeks she has been getting partially on her knees and rocking, so crawling in the next month is my prediction. 
  • She may not giggle or talk much, but you can almost always find her with a big smile on her face. 
  • She can still fit into most of her 3-6 month clothes and here 3-6 month pants still rather large around the waist, skinny girl. We will have to move up up just because she grows out of the length of the pants. 
  • She is getting better at putting herself to sleep and usually only wakes up once in the late morning hours around 4 or 5 am. In fact a lot of times she doesn't want to nurse to go to bed she just wants to go to sleep. It is cute to watch her put her pacifier in her mouth and cuddle up next to her seahorse we got her for Christmas. 
  • She is a pro and sitting, only falls when she reaches way to far or gets knocked over. 
  • With clothes on she is up to 17 lbs, growing ever so slowly. 
  • She HATEs baby food, so we have had to resort to feeding her exactly what we are eating. She has done remarkably well, we just cut or break it into small pieces and she gums it and swallows it. We have not run into any allergies and she has had pretty much everything. 
  • Recently I have found she loves the yogurt bites from Walmart.
It is hard to take pictures of Sydni when her brother is around, she just loves him! But, hey I got a cute photo of her out of it. 
 Eating Cream of Wheat for the first time, loved it and managed to get it all over her clothes. I guess she is a typical girl and wanted an outfit change and figured out how to make it happen. 
 As you can see she is already for Halloween, she even knows that she is going to be a little jack o lantern for Halloween, smart girl!
Happy 7 months baby girl, we love you!

Carson Robert

Last night after kids went to be Robert and I sat and thought about the past 8 years together, we have come a long ways. We have lived in our current house almost 6 years, married for 7 and a 1/2 years, have 2 kids one of which will be 3 this year, WOW time flys In the process of our conversation we enjoyed thinking about or wonderful little boy and the cute and sometimes funny things he says and does and realized I needed to document some of them on the blog so we can remember them for years to come, here are some that we could recall. 

We call Carson our kiss and hug policy, why you ask, well ever morning as Daddy gets ready to leave Carson makes sure Daddy gives kiss and hugs to everyone. If he forgets you better believe Carson will remind him and not let him out of the house without making sure everyone gets their share in Daddy kisses. He just adores his Daddy(or Robert) as he sometimes calls him. 

He loves singing and we find him constantly playing as he signing a tune, usually "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," is lots of different ways, but still the correct tune. We have yet to capture our favorite rap version of the song, but hope to do so soon. He also loves to sing to his favorite cartoon especially his current favorite Special Agent OSO, you can't help but smile when you hear him sing word for word. 

Some of his favorite shows currently: Special Agent OSO, Color Crew, Bubble Guppies, Dora, Mickey Mouse, Umizoomi, and Paw Patrol

Favorite toys: Cars, trucks, and of course can't forget his favorite trains. 

We can almost always get him to laugh even when he is crying, all we have to say is " You better not laugh," and nine out of ten times he starts to smile and laugh. 

Some catch phrases of Carson's

"Dad find me!"
"Sydni wake up."
"What happen Mom"
"Dad, Carson with you."
"Take bath with Sydni."
"Doctor better."

This past week the whole family has been rather sick, but our cute little boy reminds us that a doctor makes us better. "Doctor, better." He even knows medicine can make us better and has no problem taking them if needed. 

He is such a character to be around, one of his latest fun things to do is to place this bucket on his head, makes me a bit nervous when he wears it like the below picture, but so far no issues. He also loves to "cook" lately, meaning he loves to pull out all the large cooking silverware and pretend he is cooking he trains, cars, you name it.
 He still loves bannans, but his new found love the past few months has been apples, we can't seem to get them stocked. Just last week in just under a day he ate 5 rather large apples, I thought I was feeding a teenage boy, we are in trouble. 
We are in the repeating stage of learning with Carson, we have found that we need to hold our tongue sometimes. 
See what I mean, do you notice how he put his foot up on the toy like mom. 
In the same copying category today, he copied his uncle Austin. He got out his very own harmonica(aka memory stick) and started to play. Apparently, his uncle made a lasting impression on him the couple times he saw him play.
 This past month we have been transitioning Sydni into the crib in Carson's room and every morning we find him in with Sydni playing with her, love seeing him interact more and more with her. I am slowly beginning to remember why I wanted my kids close in age.  In fact he has also decided to take a nap on his own in the crib after being in time out, this is how Akane a family friend and I found him. 
We love this little boy more than words can every express, he brings so much joy and happiness into our lives. In the course of our conversation last night, we realized it is hard to remember exactly what it was like not having him in our lives, that says he has made a permanent imprint on our hearts that we love him so dearly.  I love being his mom and though he can get on my nerves sometimes, I would not change it for the world, love you Carson!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Our Soft, Lovable Friend

 Before Carson was born Robert and I came across a 53 inch giant teddy bear in Costco and just had to purchase it for our little boy, little did we know that it would become a favorite toy for all our little ones. He will be a life long friend for our family. Enjoy the pictures of our little ones with their favorite, soft, lovable teddy bear. 

Carson about 5 months old.
 Carson about 6 months old. 
 Carson loved to grab a book when he was about 15 months and sit and read it while laying on his teddy. 
Who doesn't like to watch movies with their favorite pal, Carson is no different. 
 Just like her big brother Sydni loves this giant friend. Love her smiles!
 I know I am her mom, but just adorable picture.
You better believe it there will be many more pictures of our children with this teddy! 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

My wonderful Kids

I can't help but say it over and over again, I just love these two kids of mine. Though times maybe stressful at times, I would not change it for anything, my life is much more happy and full of laughs and adorable giggles. 

Though it has taken longer for Carson to want to play with Sydni then some other siblings, I have enjoyed the last month and seeing them interact together. Sydni gives the biggest smiles when she see her brother and she loves to just watch him go crazy around the room. She even likes to watch him play on the kindle fire, they sure start young :)
 Here is another bright smile of hers, she is getting ready to want to crawl. She is pretty good at scooting/ crawling backwards currently, forward motion will come soon. 
 She loved playing with the balloon until Carson decided he wanted it popped. 
 A not so welcome advance in the past 6 months is the fact that most days Carson will absolutely not take a nap, and then I find him so passed out holding his sippy cup later on in the day or early evening. We have tried everything to keep him in his room , and even though we have flipped the lock to the outside of the door, he still manages to unlock it pretty quickly utilizing the slit.  So no way of keeping him in, is other trick is telling me that his diaper is off, can't risk that being a false alarm. 
 I am sure other parents can attest, why in the heck do we buy toys. Kids always love to play with our 'toys.' That is exactly what Carson does lately. Can't keep him out of the drawers because he knows how to get into the child proof doors, and thus cooking utensils all over the house on a regular basis, he sure keeps me on my toes sometimes. 
 This is how I found him today, in the crib with his 'B' and a purple pacifier, silly boy!
Love this cheerful little boy of mine, he always brings a smile to my face. You can get him to laugh on a dime regardless of the mood he is in, he just can't help but laugh. Love you Carson. 

Happy 50th Birthday Dad!

A few months back I decided along with my siblings to throw a birthday party as a family for our Dad's 50th birthday party, then we decided to turn it into a surprise birthday party. No small feet, because if you know our dad he ask's way to many questions, but we love you anyways dad! We wanted a low key get together to celebrate our husband, dad, son, uncle, brother, and grandpa, so we set the party into planning mode. 

We sent out the invites to all our family members and most of them were able to make in into from various parts of Utah and Nevada, thanks for making it a successful party everyone. 

I know that my Dad and I have not always seen eye to eye, but I know now, looking back he was only trying keep me safe and through that show me how much he loves and cares for me. The single greatest thing I have learned from my dad and my dad helped me gain it, that is my testimony of the gosepel including the love the Savior has for me. I know that my dad knows that our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ live, that our Savior died on the cross of Calvary that we can be saved through him if we do our part, that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and restored the missing priesthood keys to this earth and thus the sealing powers that allows my family and I to be an eternal family, I took have that very same testimony as my Dad. Thank you dad for being strong in the gospel, it means the world to me. I love seeing you with my children, Carson just adores his grandpa, I think he would live you guys if he was able. I know you said not to wish you another 50 years, but I would love to have you in my earthly life at least for that many more, LOVE you DAD!

Here is everyone that was able to come and make this party a success.
A few of the littlest of the clan Corbin, Rachel, and Addie. 
Recently we have really been trying to get Carson to eat veggies, and it is going very slowly, however, at the party he did eat a tomato and a half a sandwich, which was a surprise. 
Austin getting some grub. 
Some more of the party goers, some came from near others a bit further away. 
Beautiful ladies. 
Deep in conversation. 
Costco did a great job on the cake, I will never go anywhere else, other places are so much more expensive.
Getting ready to blow out the candles, I got number candles instead of lighting 50 candles, didn't want the fire department to come, j/k love you dad!
Had to get a picture of these two, Carson adores his grandpa.
Awe, two beauties.
Picture perfect movie of the kids all nestled together watching Wretch if Ralph. 
The older ones watching it, not so cozy :)
As I have mentioned numerous times before grandma and aunt Rachel are two of Carson's favorite people, and he was not about to let them leave without him. Immediately after they left, Carson promtly got on uncle Austin's shoes and figured if he got shoes on he could go with them, sadly that was not the case.
So we decided to lock the door so it would stop him for a little bit, well he succeed in opening in unlocking the door, and waved good by before opening the door and walking out. 
On his way out. 
Thanks everyone who was able to make the trip to help celebrate a wonderful man I call my DAD!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ending of 2013

Another year has ended and another ones begins, but first have to wrap up the last week of 2013. 

Carson found out just how fun Mama's mascara can be when it is left out where he could reach it. 

Love listening to him sing primary songs, this time he was singing "Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam."
 Mascara mustache so cute!
After a fun time on Saturday, Sunday morning was quite a fun ride. Just as we started getting Carson ready for church, he said he had to throw up and ran to the bathroom. In fact he did and even made it to the toilet, which was surprising for a two year old. However, he continued to throw up and have diarrhea for the next 5 days, poor kid, though he continued to be his happy little self through most of it. Unfortunately it set back our potty training, which he was doing quite well, I guess we will start again this week, so ready for only having to purchase diapers for one kid and saving money. 

This was Monday after a long Sunday night, poor kid. 
Spending time cuddling my little ones Sunday evening, wish they could stay this little for a little bit longer, but I will take ever cuddle that they will give me.
On Monday evening I took a quite trip over to Costco to grab a few things for our New Year's Eve party and left Dad to play with the kids, well I came home to an interesting site, apparently "B" got cold and needed some shorts on. 
2013 brought lots of fun times as family with each other, family and friends. Our family became a family of four when little Sydni came along. We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary, made a lot of fun purchases that as a family we could enjoy for years to come. To say we had a great year would be an understatement, we had an AWESOME year!