Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Copy Cat

I promised Mama that I would post her pictures on the blog, but I would tell the story. Some of you may know that Mama and I have been working to improve out eating and getting to a healthier weight. The night before Mama started the program we took before pictures so we could see where she came from, well Carson decided he needed pictures taken just like Grandma it was very cute!

He continued to turn to get all the same pictures as Grandma took!

Front View
 Side View
 Back View
 Close up

Utah Country Fair

Every year I like to try to make it down to the Country Fair, and I am so glad we did. Carson had an absolute blast again on the train and he loved petting all the animals as you will see on his face. Such a sweet expression of utter joy in his face, Sydni at times showed she was in utter fear!
He is not quite the best fisher yet, but he did go back again and again to get another prize :)
Face Painting, can you guess what he chose?
You guessed it! A Train!!!
Throw it high buddy, is it going to make it?
Just plain silliness!
Remember when I said Sydni at times was in utter fear, well it was around all the animals, she didn't want to be put down and hung on for dear life!
I did manage to get her to sit to see the little pigs, but of course not too close. 
Carson on the other hand wanted and touched all the animals he could.
We stopped and watched the tractor show, it wasn't to exciting for us adults, but Carson enjoyed it for a little bit. 
My guys, Love them!
Utter Fear when touching the tortoise, just had to get a picture though.  
One last stop to pull the bell, a fun day!

Friday, October 10, 2014


When Spring/Summer roles around you better believe it, the Dickens' family has a few Watermelon throughout! All 4 of us love watermelon :) Too bad this year I passed on all watermelons, but I was able to get healthier in the process. 

In the words of Robert on one of our watermelon nights! 

I was dicing up some watermelon the other day and after I had cut the rind all off Carson asked, "What shape is that?" After deciding it had roughly eight sides I replied, "It's an octagon." Carson repeated the name of the shape and then said. "It's a stop sign." Given what it looked like, that was a pretty funny observation

O'Donnell Family Reunion 2014

The Annual Family O'Donnell family reunion, was up near Bear Lake this year, and what another fun year it was. 

Our camp was near a river, so the kids where frequently found in the water, as well as the adults while we soaked our feet and talked about the good old days, okay maybe just about the days :)
I love this picture of Sydni and Kaylyn shortly after we arrived, Sydni was still a little bit loopy from the drive. 
Funny face and so ready to get out of the car!
3 of the younger kids, 2 great grandchildren and one grandchild. 
Didn't take long to get dirty, now did it?!
Cutie Leah, my brother's daughter. 
Aunt Kelly was nice enough to bring a few items for the younger, Carson of course chose a train! 
Mike, Mom, Paul, Ryan, and Alec went on a hike up on top of a ridge, so I got out my bigger lenses to see what if I could see them. Well I could, still small, but you could tell it was them at least :)
We couldn't keep this little one clean, and we didn't care to, we were camping and she was having fun and didn't bother her she was dirty, so we just took pictures instead. 
Darling picture of Carson talking to Grandpa and buddy.
Carson loves animals, and he was found either by the dogs or the river most of the week. 
Two peas in a pod these two are, more like siblings rather than aunt and nephew. 
Took this picture, so I could see where I came from, have a similar picture from last year, unfortunately you couldn't tell very well, still a cute pic though.
My cute little mess!
We took one night and cleaned up both the kids with some warm water and bucket, Sydni quite enjoyed it. 
On Friday we took a trip down to Bear Lake. The water was cool, but not too bad. 
The daring group that decided to wade out in pretty deep waters. 
Sydni is our little fish, she was not nervous about the water at all, in fact quite a few times I had to turn her around so she wouldn't go in too deep!
Carson loved playing in the sand, too bad he got a big sunburn right above his shorts, and to this day in October he has a nice tan line. 
Someone had to buried right, well Tanner was our subject, we turned him into a mermaid, cups and tail included :) Ryan didn't like the bra/bikini top and kept trying to mess it up, poor kid. 
Making his own little castle
It took quite a bit for Tanner to pull himself out of the pit, it kept sucking him back in, pretty good suction with the water and sand. 
Had to take a picture of my Jamberry toes, they did perfectly playing in the sad and water as well as camping :)
Wading through with the oars 
Such a cutie!
Those will little ones, will no sand and babies, don't mix, or do they, at least in their mouths it does. 
Tyler came to spend the week with us, brave, but I believe he enjoyed it. 
Desarae/Daniel/ Leah to bad they had to leave to go to a funeral after Bear Lake
See what I mean two peas in a pod.
So Excited!!!!!
The final sand castle of the day, it was a good day. 
On Saturday, aunt Kelly brought out a little scavenger hunt for the kids to find little things throughout the camp.  Carson and I did pretty well, found all but 2 items, we even found a full size rope, not a bad find!
Grandma helped Savannah, while her mom Leslie had a phone interview. 
Grabbing their pine corns
It was a fun time as always, I will add the group picture once I get it from Uncle Mike. 
We left on Sunday and headed home, when we got home we fed the kids, and at one point Carson said he was cold and put it over his head and fell asleep, camping wore him out!
Until next time Folks :)