Saturday, February 28, 2015

Random Happenings in February

February 1st-Church is TOO much work!

Sunday is really the only day that Carson is pretty consistent with naps, he was just so tired he couldn't finish watching his movie. 

February 8th- Copy Cat

As Sydni gets older and older, it is fun to watch her want to copy everything Carson does. They had fun dancing on top of boxes for a good little while. 

February 13th- Our Little Monkey!

Oh my, we can't keep our little monkey aka: Sydni, in her crib!! She is such a little monkey!! When Daddy is gone for the night little one wants to play apparently, she kept climbing out of her crib for a few hours, by the time she finally fell asleep, I was VERY tired!
Who me?
February 19th- Discipline
This is one way to get of being punished, fall asleep while you are in time out! 
Our little monkey at work again, mission accomplished, candy.

February 25th- Christmas in February

2 months after Christmas, we had pretty much given up hope that we would ever be able to deliver on the promise that "Santa" gave Carson of fixing Rocky and bringing it to him. We had looked everywhere, from Utah Country to all the way up to Logan at one point to bring Rocky from the Paw Patrol to Carson, but it was a hot item, he was no where to be seen. After we can gone on a date, we had a little bit of time to kill before we had to return home, so we decided to walk Walmart in peace, just the two of us. I decided the hey, lets go to the kids section one last time, whole heartily believing we would never find it, well powers were with us that night, Rocky was sitting right there on the shelf, we snatched him up! Before picking up the kids at our friends house, we went home packaged Rocky up and left him on our door step for Carson to find when we go home. 

As you can tell, he was ecstatic! Since then we can now say we have all the members of the Pawl Patrol! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Museum of Natural Curiosity

The kids and I just needed to get out of the house, so I took them to the Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving point.  It was a lot of fun, but way to much to be able to keep an eye on each kid as the bounced back and forth all by myself. An oversight, so next time we go we will have Daddy with us,  3 kids at this place by myself at this age is out of the question that is for sure. 

My little rabbit feeder, she loved to feed the rabbits. 
Next Carson and Sydni put on a show of pirates and little red riding hood, it was quite the combination. 
On with the puppet show, though we didn't stay in this section very long, didn't keep their attention as well as the play stage. 
Now this next area with blocks and other kinect things, I basically had to pull them out of the room, otherwise we for sure would have been there at closing time. 

Of course if you know Carson at all, we spend a good deal of time in the train room!
Do we have a Vet in the making? Who knows, but she does love animals.
Trying our hand at making a little video  
Watch out Carson, the shark is going to eat you!
Mom, jumped back in time, at least the baby and I met a friendly dinosaur.
Open and Shut, Open and Shut, Open and Shut for about 5 minutes straight, quite the attention span for a 19 months old. 
This area was kind of fun, you put things on the table and they show up on the computer screen, you can see the sharks and even Carson's hand in this picture. 
Washing Machines are always fun right?  Unless you are mom and have to fold everything afterword. 
Sand time!
Carson has never really gotten into coloring, however, Sydni loves it!
A little room all about momentum.
These balls get moving, and at one point I thought one of the kids was going to get their fingers smashed by trying to grab the disk. 
Around and Around we go!
These are always fun, watching a ball or even coins at the mall go round and round, until they drop in the hole. 
Cloud tunnel
I didn't let them play much in the water area, when I realized that they were going to get super wet even with the protective gear, so instead we learned about earthquakes and sand. 
Sydni is such a dear devil and a monkey!! She climbed these ropes like nobodies business, with NO HELP. I was super impressed. 
Look how high she had to climb!
Made it to the top and took a break in the airplain.
Almost to the top baby girl, you got this!
We ended up being there for about 3 hours and when it was time to go we had a little bit of a melt down. Screaming and crying, another reason I will NOT do it alone again, though very fun!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Our Own Snow

What do you do when you have a winter with basically no snow?? Well you buy in a bottle of course. This year has been a surprisingly warm winter, in fact we were have forest fires, CRAZY. So instead we didn't bundle up, but we go to play with snow inside instead. 

It was actually pretty fun, even I got in on the action, it was cold and soft just like the real thing, the kids REALLY enjoy it!

$3.50 for a bottle of snow, that we could use over and over again, worth, I say yes.
 "Just add water!"
Sydni really hasn't had much snow in her lifetime, she thoroughly enjoyed herself.  
 Who me? Silly guy!
 I could have played for hours with this stuff, cold and soft, love textures like that. 
 Though it didn't really hold enough to make a snowball, but we had to give it a try.
 It's snowing! It Snowing!
 I am about to make a mess.
Carson didn't want to put the snow away when it was time, in fact he got it out a few times by himself before we retired it for the season.
 Looks like she enjoyed herself, you couldn't be barefoot outside.
What a fun afternoon, we made the best out of the season and brought the snow to us.