Sunday, March 29, 2015

Jamberry Regional Denver Meeting 2015

 A big belly didn't stop me from jumping on a plane for the first time all by myself! I will admit I was a bit scared, but it was really simple! I had such a fun time with my Jam sisters. Crazy to think that in a little over a year my life has changed. I have joined a sisterhood that is like no other. They support me in everything I do, for the good and the difficult. We have laughed together, we have cried together, and celebrated in so many other ways. These silly nail stickers that I didn't want to try because I knew I would get addicted that is exactly what I got myself into, and LOVE it! Traveling, having fun doing what I love! Getting out of my comfort zone and meeting so many people who have changed my life! I am THANKFUL that I decided to take a change for $99 and go for it!
Me, Adam(CEO) and his Wife Christy(Co-founder)- Pregnancy sandwich!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt

The week before Easter I took a business trip for Jamberry to Denver Colorado. It was a great experience and I loved every minute of it, unfortunately I missed the Dicken's Family Easter egg hunt, which I was really sad about. It was really Sydni's first Easter that she had any idea what to do, luckily I have a wonderful husband who captured the moment for me :) 

I wish I could be there in person, but at least I can have these pictures to live in the moment!
Cutie, messy face and all!
 Sydni was great at finding all the eggs on people. 
 "Look Grandma!"
 Look at all the loot!
 Yummy candy, now I get it!
 I Love this family that I have married into!
Happy Easter 2015!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

Look what our Leprechaun friend left us during nap time! Kids make life so fun! Green, clothes, and skittles what more could you ask for on St. Patrick's day for our leprechauns!
 Oh bless is soul, isn't he the cutest thing you ever did see? 
Yummy steak, apples, mash potatoes, and Carson's choice GREEN jello! 
 Kiss me I'm Irish, and yes she is!
 He couldn't wait to get his hands on the hello.
 The kids got a couple of green balloons when we went to the store to fetch our green fest, so we decided to tie it onto Sydn's binki so it was weighted down for her. Turned out quite nicely.
I LOVE having fun with the holidays!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

30 weeks an counting

30 weeks and counting until "this" little guy is due, will he have a name, probably not, lol.
 When mom takes pictures by the door everyone has too.

20 months old
20 months, 3 and 1/2 years old

Monday, March 2, 2015

Snow Finally!

We finally got a little bit of snow on March 2nd!!! Our little snow day just the three of us.

It was funny and cute to watch Sydni try to walk in her 2T snowpants and 18 month coat( she is still in 12 month clothes) She could barely walk without falling down, which she did quite often. 
I will never get old of this adorable smile of hers. 
 Carson went all over the common area, trampling through the snow, Sydni on the other hand couldn't do much but sit and eat the snow. 
 Stopping to eat the snow. 
 He even got mom a few times.
 Where has the time gone, this little guy is almost 4. 
 Practicing his snow angels. 
 A final lick before going inside. 
Glad it snowed so the kids could at least go out once this winter.