Sunday, September 29, 2013

Brother and Sister Time

It is always fun to watch Carson and Sydni interacting together, because it does not happen to often as Carson would rather just do his own thing. 

Sydni is just beginning to be able to hold on to toys for a few seconds, here she is with her rattle. 
As with most kids, the minute another kid is playing with a toy they believe is theirs they want to take it away. At first this is just want Carson did, took the rattle away from little sis, but we were able to persuade him to play with her, which turned into a very sweet moment.
 He played with her for about 5 minutes, picking up the rattle and helping her grab it, so sweet.

 Just love the expressions on Sydni's face in these pictures. I am not exactly sure what the expressions meant, but she loves to look at her brother when he is in the room. 
I can't help but smile and feel very blessed when I look at these two little ones that my Heavenly Father has blessed me with. 

Tummy Time

When Carson is taking a nap Sydni and mom take advantage and have some fun on our tummies. Sydni is getting stronger everyday, she now can hold her head up while on her stomach for probably a good minute or so, and is pretty close to rolling over, only needs to pull her arm in a bit further and she will have it. These are two of the most adorable pictures I think I have of her, though I will admit any picture of my little princess is adorable. I love how much she has progressed in her short little life and look forward to many more months of growing and learning. 
 Just adore her smiles, and yesterday she gave me a little giggled when I came into view again.

Kids can sleep

This is how I found Carson sleeping last week 
Apparently, this is his new favorite place to sleep. He feel asleep right behind his door 2 days in a row. The second day he was so close to the door that I could not even open it to get a picture of him. You can tell he probably got bored after being in his room for quiet time and decided to grab is blanket and curl up on his floor. Must have been comfortable, because both days he took a full 2 and 1/2 hour nap on the floor, still kid of sad though, but he needed a nap. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

3 months

Wow time is going so much quicker with baby number 2 than baby number 1. I honestly can't believe Sydni is 3 months old yesterday, where has the time gone. Of course when you are in the moment of sleepless nights and a newborn needing your constant attention it seems like it will never end, but alas here we are 3 months later and so much has changed. 

My little ladybug!
 We have been trying to go swimming with the kids once a week, so Carson can practice his swimming. They both love the water, though Sydni can't stay in the water to long without getting the shivers. 
  • Though it does not appear in her pictures that she smiles, she does in fact give the cutest smiles. 
  • Loves to be paid attention to and in fact if you don't pay attention to her for a couple of minutes she wants to be held. 
  • She loves her Mama, Daddy can be holding her for only seconds and she wants her Mama back. 
  • She is starting to slowly be okay by herself in her bouncer or on the floor for short periods of time, but she still prefers to be held. 
  • She is pretty close to rolling from her stomach to her back, if she will allow herself to be on the floor for longer than 5 minutes. 
  • She has had some small giggles, love baby giggles, can't wait until it is all the time. 
  • If I had to guess she is probably at least 14 lbs, she has some chubs on her and I love it!
  • She is becoming a much better sleeping, most mornings she only wakes up once between 5 and 7. Last Saturday she even gave us 11 hours, we were shocked to say the least. 
  • She is a much better nurser, we have come out of the rough part of last month. 
  • She will carry on a conversation in her own little way, love the chats we have had. 
  • She now sleeps on her back all swaddled in a few blankets to keep her hands from escaping. If they do she will wake up immediately. This is a change from last month when she was on her stomach. 
  • She has mastered the art of getting her hands to her mouth and loves to suck on them, she has become a slobbery cute mess a lot of the time. 
  • She loves to look around the room and try to focus on a toy, she can't quite hold on to them yet, but I am sure any day now. 
  • She is still in size 1 diapers, but could go up, just have to use the left over we have. We will also have to return some to Costco and Walmart, we just had to many given to us. 
  • Love her chubby cheeks, they are bigger than Carson's were at this age. 
  • She loves to take baths and has started to splash a bit more, it might be soon to move her to the big bathtub more regularly. 
  • Still loves her pacifier and has started to be able to sometimes keep it in her mouth, way to go baby. 
  • She is in between sizes, some 0-3 month clothes are tight, while some are just fine. I have put her in some 3-6 month clothes, but all are too big on her right now. 
Sydni can't wait to spend more time with you and get to know you even better, we love you!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

BYU vs. Utah

This past weekend was the BYU vs Utah game, and for the occasion I had to dress Sydni up in a BYU shirt and colors, though I honestly don't care who wins the game. I thought I had a picture of Carson in the same shirt a couple years ago, however, it turned out to be just a video and not a picture, darn ( But I got creative and snipped a part of the video and got a picture of him in it.) My two BYU babies! Both times Daddy left us to go to the came with Daddy(thought the time Carson wore the shirt BYU was not playing Utah), so Mama and kids had a grand old time together!

October 2011
 September 2013

Family Pictures

Over the weekend we took a trip up Hobble Creek Canyon to take our first official family photos with Sydni added to our little family. It was a very different experience having a two year old and a newborn, rather than just a newborn as we did in our last family photos. We got a chance to see once again just how short a 2 year old's attention span is, as far as he was concerned he came up to the mountains to play! All in all we did manage to get some good shots of our little family, we may go up in a couple of weeks to get some more when the leaves are brighter in color, but we shall see. 

Before heading up the canyon we unfortunately had to wake Carson up from a nap, but not before Robert took a few pictures of our sleeping prince. 
Yesterday I was looking through the pictures on the camera came across this picture of Carson's eyes and forehead. I thought it was a bit odd, so I asked Robert why he took the pictures he said, "Because his eyelashes looked so long!" Yep, that is our boy has had these bad boys since day one, first thing the nurse noticed on him at birth, why is it that the boys get the long lashes?
Before I go on an post a bunch of our best pictures, I would like to thank once again Daddy for taking these pictures for us, it is always fun to have you as our photographer. 

This one is probably my favorite shot of all of them. 
Then this shot would be my next favorite. 
This is right before he ran down the hill and fell leaving a nice mud stain on his pants for the remainder of the pictures. 
The girls and then the boys.
Love this pictures of 2 people I love dearly!
Taking some time to blow off some energy. 
I have always thought these walking shots were precious, so we got one. If you look close enough you can barely see Sydni's little head. 
These two are not bad shots, but not my favorites though. 
Isn't he just the cutest?
Precious little one. 
By the end of the pictures Carson was done and just wanted to play around, so this first shot we were trying to use reverse physiology to get him to get in the picture and take a good picture. This pose is a family tradition from out engagement photo, to a wedding picture, to our first family picture with Carson, and finally one to add Sydni into the family. 
This is the best shot that we could manage to get with the four of us. We are going to try to attempt a better one in a few weeks, but if not this will have to do. 
Finally a shot of how the family started just the two of us. Can't believe how blessed we have been in the last 7 years of marriage, we love our 2 greatest blessings. Thanks Carson and Sydni for coming into our lives and allowing us to be your parents we love you!

Monday, September 23, 2013

What a Mess

Last Friday I returned home from Zumba to find water all over the floor and all over the toilet in our hall bathroom, I thought that was odd so I called Robert to see if he knew why their might be water. We have been having problems with our toilets so thought it might be that, however, Robert was not able to shed anymore light on the issues. Well, I didn't think much more of it as I had to get Carson over to a friend's house so I could go have my hair done for our family pictures the next day. Upon my return home at about 3 in the afternoon I noticed Robert's care parked in the visitor parking spots which I thought was weird. Turns out that water was something a little bit more than just the toilet, the supply water upstairs on the 3rd floor had been leaking for months. Robert had come home for lunch only to have All Pro knocked on our door to tell him their was a leak upstairs and he needed to check our house out. I was told by Robert when he pushed on our sealing it bubbled because of water. I thought that was weird because when I had noticed the water on the floor earlier that morning, I remember checking the ceiling and I didn't see any drips, turns out the reason for the water was it had gushed out after it leaked more that morning on the 2nd floor. All Pro ended up having to cut most of our ceiling out and take out some insulation, and we have had fans blowing in our bathroom since Friday afternoon to avoid a mold issue. What a mess, but luckily we will only have to pay our deductible which is $500, but we have a feeling it will not be that much, tomorrow we will find out for sure, don't you love being a home owner for those of you who are?

Isn't our ceiling awesome?
 The fans keeping our bathroom from growing mold. 

Costa Rica

A few months back Robert trained a guy from Costa Rica to take over some of his accounts from Costa Rica, turns out his name was Roberto. At the end of the training Roberto gave Robert a kids shirt and a kids hat for our kids, the shirt fit Carson perfectly and Sydni will have to grow into her hat, but they look adorable. Robert has been wanting to take pictures of the kids in their attire along with him and we finally remembered to do so. 

Just love this guy who gave me these adorable and wonderful little ones. 
 Carson had to try on the hat, a little to small for his head unfortunately. 

Free Stuff

I got free stuff all because I had a baby, which was not cheap! When I had Sydni they gave us a bag full of goodies and one included $20 dollars to shutter fly plus I already had another $20 so a total of $40 dollars free, minus shipping, but still a great deal. I ended up getting a few things with my free money, first I got some address labels and put together Sydni's birth announcement, secondly I made a mouse pad of our children, and lastly I made a 250 puzzle of our family to do during conference weekend. It is always fun to get free items even if do have to pay shipping and I love Shutterfly. In fact right now I putting together a book of my pregnancy with Sydni and her first 3 months, can't wait to see that as well. Thanks Shutterfly for doing a great job!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nap Time for the Kiddos

Nap time around our house for almost the last 3 months has been a hit or a miss most day to say the least. Carson though he is getting better tends to fights naps and most days he finds himself having quiet time in his room, which most of the time he ends up falling asleep, success! Sydni on the other had has been a pretty bad napper from the get go unless she is sleeping on yours truly her Mama, which doesn't leave much time for house work, so if you come over to visit I apologize for the mess. 

So when photo shots during nap time come up like this I have to take advantage because they don't come very often, and who can refute that a sleeping baby is so adorable. 
 This is what you get when you have too much fun with your Aunt Renee', falling asleep pretty much immediatly after climbing on the couch. Quite the position to fall asleep in, kids really can fall asleep anywhere. 
 Finally, this is what happens when you fight and fight, and fight a nap even when you have quiet time in you room for awhile. A kid who is so exhausted to even finish his pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. 

And you probably guessed it, the kiddos are napping and thus I have time to myself. Though I should be cleaning up the house, with a day like today I have chosen to de-stress by blogging! But I wouldn't change my kiddos in for quiet time all the the time. 


For the most part Carson has been pretty good with Sydni, and it is moments like these that melt a parents heart, seeing their kids playing together in their own special ways. I know there will be times that they don't get along, but I know they will be good friends forever. 

Here is my green goblin as I call him, and our adorable girl Sydni wondering what is going on. 
 This is the best picture we could get of them both, anyone else have the problem of both kids not looking up when you need them too. Should be interesting for our family pictures this weekend. 
 I can just hear him saying "Sydni!"
 What a nice big brother holding her up so she doesn't fall. 
Love these two kids!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Keen Ear

As soon as Robert and I woke up and started moving around this morning, trying to be as quiet as possible so not to wake the kids, we heard Carson repeating something from inside is room. We walked to his door and listened closely and realized his hearing is pretty keen. He was saying over and over, "Mama I hear you." I guess we no longer can hide, kids are very more aware than we adults give them credit, so cute!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Bright and Beautiful

Even though it is a 3-6 month outfit I could not resit putting it on her while it is still summer. Love her smile!

She is getting bigger everyday and more alert. She loves to be looking around and is still trying to master getting her hand to her mouth and having it stay exactly where she wants it to. Yesterday while we were at church it was funny to watch her eyes so concentrated on her hand and trying to move it to her mouth, love this stage. 

Bath Time!

Today while I was giving Sydni a bath for the first time in the big bathtub(only because I didn't want to fill up the little bathtub,) Carson decided he wanted a bath too. Of course I had to take a picture of the two of them together, unfortunately I didn't get to many good ones because Carson just did not want to keep his towel on, but oh well. 

My baby girl's first big tub experience
 This is the best shot I could get of the two of them together. 

Carson thought it was so fun to have a bath together, I am sure there will be more to come. 

Game Night

On Saturday we had the opportunity to get out of the house and just for a few hours feel more like grownups without children. Awhile back we got talking with our friends Chris and Betty and found out that love playing games as do Robert and I. For one reason or another the past few weekends have not worked out, but that all changed last Saturday and it was a blast! It was fun to play and chat with friends while the kids played happily together ( Sydni slept on me the whole time, bonus!) We played an awesome new game called Gloom (want to get some time for our game collection.) Robert had beginners luck I say, because he smashed the rest of our scores, but I did manage to get a few of my characters dead! 

The adults playing Gloom and having a good ole time. 
While the adults were playing Gloom Alice, Blake, and Carson (never noticed this but they are the ABC's) happily played around together, they get along quite well great buddies. I remembered I had the camera in the diaper bag so I took it out to capture the 3 of them coloring with chalk, mostly on the floor but because of the material of the floor it wipes right up, pretty cool I think. 
Aren't they adorable together?
 The boys playing together.
We wish we could have stayed longer, but that is one thing about being a parent sometimes you have to give up what you want to do, for what you need to do for your kids and in this case they were ready for bed. 

Thanks Betty and Chris for a great time! Looking forward to another game night!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Playing in the Rain

Carson and I got to share in an experience that I loved to do when I was a kid, play in the rain. And just for that moment in time it made me feel just a little less like a grownup! Carson as of late has loved when it rains and loves to watch the rain from our front room windows, so tonight I decided to go out side with him, and lets just say he had fun. He was hesitant to go out in the rain and for awhile he was content to sit on the steps and just watch the rain, but then when he realized mom having fun in the rain he got the courage to join me. 

From then on he ran through the grass, on the sidewalks, and splashed in the puddles have the time of his life. He even learned a new word rainbow as we saw the beauty of a double rainbow after the rain had passed, love summer rain falls. 

Getting up the courage to play in the rain
He is all in now, wet bum and all.
What is that?
 A rainbow!
 Wait a double rainbow!
 Look mom another rainbow.
 Splashing in the puddles.
Miss Sydni was outside as well, she preferred to sit in her bouncer and look around at take in the beauty of the rainstorm. 
 No surprise a toy was left on the grass, so we played with it!
 We also played with the scooter that was in the hallway, I guess they wanted the community to share in the fun.
We had lots of fun playing in the rain. Thank you Carson for sharing in some fun and letting mom make new memories in the rain and reminisce of past memories of my childhood.