Tuesday, March 25, 2014

9 months

Has it really been nine months already since our princess joined out family, I can't believe it nor do I really want to believe our baby is growing up so quickly!
In the past month Sydni has learned and mastered many new skills, she is learning so quickly. The first 7 months of life she didn't seem to care to learn new skills, but has taken off in the last couple, such a big girl.

Sydni's Stats at 9 months

Weight: 18 lbs 8 oz (59%)
Height: 27.5 inches (44%)
Head: 44 cm(57%)

She may be big to some parents, but she is our little petite princess, and we hope she stays that way for a little bit longer. 

At 9 months:
  • She started crawling just shortly after 8 months on the 2nd of March, and quickly mastered that skill. I have almost stepped on her a couple times at Zumba because she is so fast!
  • No words specially yet, but she has started babbling more and started to experiment with the B sound. 
  • She now pulls herself up to furniture and alike, though she hasn't really started moving along them except for one small lift of the leg once. 
  • She is now mostly on formula, a sad day for me, but for many reasons my body did not make enough of a supply this time around. 
  • She loves playing with her big brother Carson, and wants to be doing everything he is doing!
  • She currently has two teeth, and has bit me only once so far.
  • We have recently given her a nickname of "Mama Kitty" because she puts socks, toys, ect in her mouth and crawls down the hall. So cute!
  • She loves her Mama, and is starting to get full on separation anxiety, especially with a few people in our lives for some reason. 
  • She is getting through the night for the most part now, just had to go through a ruff patch and let her cry it out for a while, then she caught on that sleeping is fun!
  • We love her noisy big, bright smile
  • She eats anything you give her, she is not a picky eater in the least
  • She loves her pacifiers more than almost anything, she must have them hidden away all through the house, because I swear she always finds them. 
  • She is loving her new found freedom to explore and it much happier. 

Adventures of Sydni in March

"Mama Kitty"

In her new travels she has manged to get herself stuck a few times under the side tables, and wasn't a big fan of it.
 One day while Carson was asleep we did box car races, she liked it for a good while, but then it became old hat and she wanted to get out. 
 Yummy car.
 I think I am done.
 Now I am really done!
 She is already following in Mom's footsteps and getting her track start down, though the attire needs to be worked on, LOL
 On your marks, Set, Go!
 Just like her brother, she loves standing up to the dryer. 
Love seeing these two play together, and they do so well.

Happy 9 months baby girl now on the last quarter of your first year!

St. Patrick's Day

Another St. Patrick's Day has come and gone, and once again it was a fun day! It was a pretty chill day, but first on our list was to call my little sister and wish her a Happy Birthday(20 in fact), we called and gave her a big Happy Birthday, Carson loves saying Happy Birthday. The rest of the day we just hung out and played together, it was not until dinner that the real fun began. 

I finally was able to talk Robert into eating green eggs, because I wanted to have "Green Eggs and Ham" for our dinner. 

Carson had fun squirting green food coloring into the eggs and whisking him, I think he would have been satisfied just whisking the night away. 
 No fancy dinner, but green non the less.
 Though he liked making them green, he wasn't to sure about eating them(side note: he doesn't really like eggs much.)
 Wondering if there is anything else for dinner
 Finally trying the ham and liking it. 
 Dad trying to get Carson to try the eggs
 If I have to I will try them. 
Never-mind! Cute, but very sad at the same time. 
 We were all decked out in our green clothes, unfortunatly Daddy was not and when he came home Carson realized and started pinching him. He wanted Dad to pinch him back, so clearly he didn't quite understand. Sydni's attire was picked out even before she was born, and I was hoping it would fit fine and because she is little it fit perfectly. 

Love her cute little shamrock bum.
 Our happy go lucky little princess. 
 Carson in his green shirt he picked out, he wanted the shirt with a spider on it even though it is quite big on him. 
We had a very fun day and evening together enjoying St. Patrick's day, until next year folks. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Jamberry Nails

Have you heard of Jamberry nails? If you have you know how AWESOME they are and if you haven't you are in for a TREAT!  You can see more on my personal website!

Adam's Favorite

Jamberry is a nontoxic nail wrap that you apply right over your natural nail in your own home. They can also be used over acrylics and are perfect for growing out short nails too.They are heat activated which makes them long lasting up two weeks on your fingernails and up to 6 weeks on your toenails.   The shields are made in the USA, nontoxic/latex-free, and never tested on animals.

Each set of wraps is Buy 3, Get 1 Free and comes with enough wraps to do your nails several times, I personally get 3 applications with my sets. That makes each application just a few dollars, which means you can have fun nails without breaking the bank!

Why I personally Love them:

  • They're quick and easy to put on at home while I'm relaxing during my children's naps
  • They're are heat activated which makes them last up 2 weeks on your nails and up to 6 weeks on your toes.
  • They come in over 200+ colors, patterns, and finishes. For a "Perfect You"
  • They come in junior sizes so your little girls can join in the fun, my 8 month old is constantly sporting them. 
  • No chipping, no drying time. With a toddler and a baby, no drying time is a major plus in my book
But, if you don't want to take my word for reasons you should love Jamberry nails as well, look at all the accreditation that is out their on these wonderful products. 

Some of my favorite designs

Ombre Polka
Mint Green & Gold Horizontal Pinstripe
Black and White Check

If you want to try them out, you can shop right from my personal Jamberry page. Your wraps arrive in 3-7 day through the postal service, which means Saturday deliveries too! You'll want to take advantage of the Buy 3, Get 1 free deal though. After I ordered 1 set, I immediately wanted more, with so many to choose from it is hard not to want more. 

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If you become addicted like myself. To join my team, you'll purchase a starter kit for $99, which includes 4 sheets of Jamberry Nails( 3 of your choice and one the company chooses), the mini heater, an application kit( includes cuticle oil, rubber cuticle pusher, orange sticks, nail files, nail sisscors.), sample nails, order forms, and catalogs. All you need to start your Jamberry business. You can leave a comment if you are interested or shoot me an email by going to my personal website.  I hope you fall in love as I have with my Jamberry nails!

Official Jamberry Nails Application video

Monday, March 3, 2014

8 months!

Our little princess just turn 8 months old and she has mastered and learned a few new skills over the last month, way to go baby!

At 8 months:
  • She is a rolling pro now, she is can get about anywhere she would like to be.
  • Thanks to Daddy she can now sit herself up when she is on her stomach.
  • She has 1 tooth and the second one is cutting through.
  • As of March 2nd we have an official crawler, though she is still not quite confident and doesn't follow you around, only if she thinks it is convenient. 
  • Still fits into 3-6 month clothes, though she is in some 6 month and 9 month clothes we were given that have shrunk.
  • Still not sleeping through the night consistently, mainly because she rarely likes to nurse before she goes to bed. So she is hungry about 4-5 in the morning. 
  • She desperately wants to pull herself up using the coffee table, but doesn't quite have the strength yet. 
  • She is getting better everyday standing on her own, though she has a few bumps and bruises from trying so hard to stay up. 
  • A few days ago we noticed for the first time she was trying to get a reaction out of us when she was hitting her head on the back of her high chair. 
  • On Sunday she waited for Carson to get off Daddy's lap and immediately reached for him, so maybe she is branching out to others, not just Mom.
  • Has a very calm personality and loves to her pacifier.
  • Doesn't talk much, but she is starting to repeat sounds that we make
  • Loves to blow raspberries!
  • She tends to get herself in corners and can't quite get out and then cries to get help out. 
  • She loves to be held, and if we could she wouldn't mind being held 24/7.
  • Though she still not a fantastic nurser, we still have not had to supplement which I thought we would have by now, thank you body!
  •  Loves adult food, none of that nasty baby food for this little gal!
For her 8 month pictures I decided to take her on a little photo shoot outside because it has been fabulous weather for the month of February, lots of over 50 degree days. I know picture overload, but can't help it she just dang adorable. 
 Practicing her stronger balance, she even on occasion tries to let go with both hands or just one. 
 Sitting herself back up. 
 Rocking back and forth,  just a few short days from this picture she crawled officially. 
 My princess and her Daddy, love these two!
Loves her grownup food, especially spaghetti!
 Already getting proficient at the door stopper :) 
 Thanks  to a wonderful friend Betty who without asking did some touch ups of the photos I took of her outside. There were many good ones, but if you could see the originals too much sun!
 Just love the smile this girl has on her all the time.
Thanks for being our precious little princess and allowing us to share in your learning, we LOVE you, happy 8 months little girl.