Thursday, September 25, 2014


8 years ago, just the two of us
To a family of four!

Happy 8 years of marriage honey, we have had some tough times in those eight years, but I am so lucky and blessed to be able to have you by my side through the thick and thin. Love you with all my heart and can't wait to spend many more years together!

For our Anniversary we took the whole day and spend the day together. 

To start the date out we went up to Stewart Fall, thanks Pete Shumway for the suggestions, it was very beautiful. 
On this hike, the shorts I was wearing were tight, a week later I couldn't keep them from falling down, love my new body!
 We took advantage of a couple on the trail to take a picture of us above the falls, we had another closer, but I accidentally deleted it, I wish I could get it back, but life goes on.  
We took a couple of hours to hike there and back to the care. It was nice not to have to rush and get time to talk to each other and enjoy each other, doesn't happen very often with kids. The rest of our day was spent at lunch at Mimi's Cafe and window shopping without kids. It was a fun day and glad that our niece Katelyn graciously agreed to watch the kids for the day!

Random July Happenings

Our two kiddos, enjoying a show together a bottle of milk, these two make my heart melt when I see them getting a long!
One of the moments when being a parent is not so fun, discipline. One day in July I had just had it with Carson destroying, getting into things, and not listening. So he got a significant time in the corner. When he had been in the corner for good time, he said he was cold so he grabbed "B" and put it over his head, and within minutes he was out! Mom had a little bit of quiet time before Sydni woke up, that is always nice on hard day. 
Carson loves his train track, is an understatement. One afternoon, I was pretty impressed, he designed this track around the car garage, he was pretty proud himself!

Mom and Dad! Look what I found!
I caught my sister!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

As many little boys are, full of enthusiasm, bouncing off walls, and overall ball of energy, we put Carson into gymnastics. We decided that gymnastics could help give him have structured and help him with discipline. Though he had fun, he very often didn't listen to his teachers, and one time we just left because he was a big distraction to the rest of the class, so we are going to hold off doing another session for a little while. 

A recap of his first session, which might have been one of his better nights. 
To begin class they did some warm ups and some stretches. 
 Jumping Jacks, Hit them! One, Two, Three  I am so pumped up!
 Cute miss Sydni watching and waiting until she turns 3 to do gymnastics.
 Not very flexible, but he got better!
 Carson was excited to be chosen to demonstrate how to do a back flip, with the teachers help of course
 This exercise they were supposed to put their hands on the hand mats and then do a cartwheel type thing.  It was pretty difficult and many didn't understand unless the teacher was right there helping them.
 Nice balance beam work buddy!
 A little relaxation, why not?
 He did manage to listen a little bit, every now and again. 
 Swings, probably his favorite part. 
 Way to go!
 Got his toes touching the lower bar, great job!
 Working on his upper body strength. 
 Wow, all 3 and 4 year olds folding their arms, impressive.
 Carson is pretty good on the flat balance beam as well.
 Get those legs up buddy
 Besides the swing jumping on the tramp was is favorite for sure.
 Now that is some air!
Practicing holding his knees in after jumping. 
Until we try it again, though we are not sad that we attempted it, just not right for him now. 

Swimming Lesson

Over the summer, Carson took a couple of sessions of swimming lessons. At the beginning he was typical Carson crazy and not listening very well, however, overall he got better each day. He loved getting in line to wait for his teachers to call him, he seems to be a fish, on occasion he didn't want to get out of the pool, and his teachers had to catch him for me after he went back in the pool. 

On the first day he was running everywhere but where he should have been standing waiting for his teachers.
 Sydni having a good old time, while we waited for swim lessons to begin. 
 Yeah finally got him to stand in line to wait!
 Just love his smile :)
 The long 5 minute wait is over, bu still not sure what is going on. 
 High Fives and getting to know each other, perfect start!
 Carson jumped right in for a chance to ride on our noodle boat, as you can tell one little boy was not so happy, he didn't get into the pool ever again in our two week lesson.
 Getting used to the water was one skill they learned, quite frankly I think Carson just wanted to have water squirted in his face. 
 Practicing floating on his back, by the end of the 2nd session he was much better. This 1st time he was very tense and didn't want to lay on his back. 
 Ring around the Rosy: One student was in the middle of the hula hoop, and when they all fell down, the person in the middle would go under the water. 
 Carson's turn
 Practicing using their legs to kick, holding onto the side
 A quick 30 minutes and class was over for the day!