Monday, June 30, 2014

A Sticky Mess

If you are anything like me it is easy to get frustrated and upset at the little things kids do or get into, so these pictures took a lot of effort not to flip out. Upon coming out of the bathroom one afternoon, I happened upon a sticky powder sugar play in progress!! At that moment I had two choices, get upset and yell or laugh and make memories. Luckily, I was reminded that morning, "One day you will long for their affection, so choose a soft voice, choose gentle hands, and choose love. Thanks for a loving husband that new what I needed that day, so that I could pick up the camera and laugh this horrible mess off! It made for some fun times for the kids and kept me in a better mood when mopping the floor over and over again. 
 Powder bum.
 Yum, Yum!!!
Well you would have thought we had learned our lesson and too all the powder materials away from the children's but we didn't, so we woke up to yet another mess, this time a pancake mountain on the carpet, but yet again he was happy. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Heber Valley Railroad

So playing catch up, story of a parent's life right. In April I purchased a couple of tickets for 90 minute train ride on the Heber Railroad, because it was such a sweet deal $15 dollars for 2 people since the kids were free. Robert took the day off and we spent the morning on the train and then later went and ate our favorite place in Heber Dickey's BBQ Pit. 

The kids and I waiting for the "All Aboard!"
You can't tell this boy loves trains right? Has his Thomas hat and he is ready to go.
He loves giving the tickets to the conductor when we board the train.
"All Aboard"
These two melt my heart, he sure does love his little sister.
She has the most stunning beautiful blue eyes, she gets compliments all the time.
The 90 minute trip has just begun, you can't keep the excitement of this kid's face.
Our train stopped just outside Soldier's Hollow and our surprised we were train robbed! Hands up!!!
They thought we had their treasure( they gave the kids chocolate coins, I have never seen Carson open it so quickly!)
In the end all they found was a rubber chicken, darn.
Carson hung out of the train window most of the way, he didn't want to miss a thing.
Even Sydni enjoyed looking out the windo.
Robert was able to a few pictures through an opening in the train, pretty neat.
On the way back Carson and his new friend Owen were inseparable, even though there was a 3 year difference between the two of them.
This boy is so darn cute!
When we arrived at our destination the train engine disconnected and traveled to the other end of the trains, the boys loved it.
Watching the engine go by.
While we were getting all hooked up, Carson and I went and got a few treats for the way back.
Yummy orange airhead
He even shared some with his friend Owen
Pure joy, this makes me smile every time :)
On the train ride Sydni started waving to everyone, the first time she had ever done that, so cute, now she waves to everyone.
Train buddies!
Carson thought this was pretty funny, couldn't stop laughing.
Can't go to Heber Station without taking the toy trains around the track a few times.
To end our trip we got a souvenir penny, Carson thought that was pretty neat.
Another fun family outing at Heber Valley railroad. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014


As many of your know Jamberry has taken over most of my free time, that I used to blog with, so I am a little bit behind. So bare with me as I recap June, July, and August for the next little while, starting off with the end of June and the kid's birthdays. 

June 24th our little miss Sydni turned 1 year old, yes that did go very quickly! On her actual birthday we didn't do much, other than sing her "Happy Birthday" a few times throughout the day, and with me shedding a tear or two, because she is soon to not be a baby anymore.

We waited for the big( though small) festivities for the 28th of June, which is Carson's birthday, since it fell on a Saturday and we could invite the Grandparents over, for lunch, cake, and ice cream.

So our little boy just adores Trains, for any one who doesn't already know this obsession. So me trying to be creative and design for Carson's cake. It took me a few hours and I ended up staying up until about 2 am the night before, trying to get it as perfect as I possibly could. I like it turned about pretty good for a first time, and Carson just loved it as you will see in his pictures when he first saw the cake, priceless and made the whole ordeal worth it!!

 The morning of their birthday party, Mom and Dad spent picking up to be ready for the party, when the grandparents arrived. Sydni could be seen sitting on her push car pretty much the entire time. Too bad it is no longer in service, a part that doesn't seem to be replaceable broke not too soon after these pictures were taken.
 Carson had to take his turn riding his dump truck, as I sit
Finally all the guests arrived and it was ready to open presents. Aunt Kelly, Uncle Mike and cousins gave Carson his newest train and airplane, needless to say he loved it!
Grandma and Grandpa Payne got practical items, clothes, he just wanted to toys go figure ;)
Sydni's first attempt at opening presents, she love loved the tissue paper! ;)
Grandma & Grandpa Payne got her some cute outfits, and a set of 3 adorable books. Unfortunately, she was so excited she ripped the cover of one them.
She was so excited!!!
Aunt Kelly did it again, a beautiful blanket, so soft and very pretty. She latched right onto that blanket, she has to have to hand it to us every morning before we get her out of her crib, so cute!
 A fun tossing game from Grandma and Grandpa Payne.

I had to take a moment to catch my ever so wild and energetic boy and give him a kiss. As I sit and remember, 3 years ago how he entered my life, I can't help but have happy tears. All ever really wanted to be is a mother, and he such a sweet boy and I am happy to call him mine. 
 Back in April I purchase a new pillow, since Carson's pillow pet is pretty hammered. This time around it was non other than Thomas. Though it is funny, he still sleeps with his lamb pillow pet and will not sleep with Thomas, go figure.
What did mom and dad get for Sydni?
She did pretty good at ripping the paper.
Her very first baby doll, she couldn't wait patiently enough for Dad to get her baby out of its package.
 One happy birthday girl!
 This year I decided to make a special cake for Carson, and of course it had to be a train. The only problem in order to do it I had to design it while Carson had not chance of waking up, which meant Midnight to 2 am, was my time to put it together. It took some time, though it doesn't look professional in any shape or form, but my little guy loved it!
 He just couldn't hold his excitement in!
 For Sydni, I went for the traditional giant cupcake with bright colors, I was not surprised by her reaction. There is quite a few pictures she was so animated during her turn!
 Taking it easy, just tasting.
 Candle okay, not my favorite.
 Stopping to play with brother and try to slim him as he runs by :)
Miss Smiley!
 We let our birthday girl continue to eat her cake as we dished up the train cake and ice cream for everyone else. I didn't participate because that was the 1st day of my new program to loose weight.
As everyone was coversing, I looked over to see Sydni diving into her cake!
 She loved it!
 Enough to do it over and over again
 Such a different reaction between the 2 kids on their 1st birthdays!
Trying to slim grandpa, got close.
 After she was all sugared out, we took her immediately to the bath to be washed, I am so happy this little girl is ours, she lights up a room with her smile and personality. Love you Sydni!
After we cleaned Sydni up and the Grandparents and Aunts left, we took the kids over to the Provo Rec center to have some time on the free play gym.
 Sydni at one was not really walking yet, but was a speed demon when it came to crawling.
Carson loves climbing all over the gym, it is fun to see how big and far he has come in the last year.
 See I swear her smile is always on her face, just love it!
 We call her our little monkey, she climbs everything at such a young again. Both Robert and I don't remember Carson climbing that early.
 Peek a Boo
 Cutie Pie
Who is going to win, Brother by a hair!
 Sydni loved bouncing on their toys, she even had fun when she bounced herself off.
This is how Carson used the toys, down the slide he went, over and over again.

It is hard to believe we now have a 3 and 1 year in our house, they bring such a spirit and brightness to our home, that I can't imagine my life without them, love you too!