Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sydni 15 months

Wow, has it really been 15 months since our little princess miss Sydni graced us with her presence. It doesn't seem like it sometimes and other times its seems longer, but she has been, crazy! ( though I am behind and now she is almost 17 months)

You can't help but smile when she gives you a big grin or peeps your nose, she is a delight to have in our home and glad we have a daughter as cute as she is. 

Sydni's 15 month stats:
Weight: 22 lbs 1 oz (61%)
Height: 31 inches (64%)
Head: 46 cm (58%)

She may be average on the charts but to us she is tiny, she is 4 and 1/2 pounds lighter, only 3/4 of an inch shorter, and her head is 2 and 1/2 centimeters smaller, than her big brother at her same age. We love our little small girl, though she is small and tall, so the 12 month pants don't stay on at all, but some are high waters, where the 18 months slip right off, she needs to give me her secret ;)

Now for a bunch of pictures from the month of September :)

Sydni is quite the little climber, we never had this problem with Carson he was just too big to get out of his highchair. Sydni on the other hand, when she is done, she climbs right on top of the tray, doesn't mater if there is food all over it or not. 
 Her second full set of Jamberry nails, too cute not to do them again!
 Awe baby jams!
 She is and will always be our binky girl, she finds them stashed everywhere, if she finds one it is in her mouth 100% of the time. 
 I our little rocket scienist, I know this picture is blurry, but it was too cute to not post!
 A better one, following in mom's footsteps of loving science, perhaps?
 See what I mean she loves to climb!
 She climbed on the couch and then up onto the window ledge, and crawled all the way to the end, where there was no couch and then didn't dare go back so she just laid there. Silly baby!
 She loved her Halloween costume, when ever she would find it she would bring it to me to put on, so cute. She does the same thing with shoes and coats. 
 And let me tell you this little girl LOVES, understatement of the year stuff animals. Good thing Mom and Dad kept a lot of their old stuff animals, she can't get enough of them! :)

  • She loves to copy anything Carson does, and I mean anything. He starts doing it and she will too. Recently Carson got up on Grandma and Grandpa Dickens' foot stool and proudly put out his arms and said" Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, Rory and Norval" and promptly fell backwards onto the couch.  Well as the story is told Sydni jumped up on the foot stool, put out her hand, blabbed her little heart out and fell backwards on the couch too! Wish I would have seen that one, pretty funny I am sure. 
  • She doesn't say too many words yet, she can say: Mom, Dad, Wow, again, that. And can sign more, milk, thank you, and please. 
  • She loves to run now, and she will go back and forth between our bedroom and the front room as fast as her little legs can carry her. 
  • She loves to give kisses
  • She has her bedtime routine down, when we say it is time for bed, she will go grab her binky where-ever she has stashed it and grab her blanket out of her crib, so cute!
  • She loves when Daddy comes out and she will run to him every time she sees him, she is becoming a Daddy's girl fast, though I still get my cuddles in every now and again. 
  • She is a girl who doesn't like "no" and will let you know if for sure.
  • She still has the most adorable little smile and is starting to laugh more an more. 
It is fun to watch her learn and grow, we love you baby girl!

Random Happenings of Carson

Wow, finally blogging about September in November. Better late than never right! 

It appears that we took a lot of random pictures of Carson, what better way to document his childhood right?! 

We occasionally hear, I'm cold, and he will be out shortly!
 I frequently find him hiding while on the potty, silly kid.
 A year latter and Mr. Hopper is still hanging around, Carson loves it, it is funny to watch him run around in it. If I could figure out how to post my own videos on the blog, I would post a very fun one of him. 
 He was insistent that he needed all the coach pillows to watch his show, good thing he has a little bum :)
 He has recently become fascinated with having his picture taken, silly face.
 It had been one long day, and finally after hours of trying to get him relaxed he fell asleep. At one point I did to and reached over and held his hand while we slept. What a sweet picture, glad Robert grabbed the camera when he got home to capture this sweet memory. 
 Our big baby, in the baby carrier :)
 A rare moment when he will sit down an concentrate on something, unfortunately we never actually ended up finishing this project, because shortly afterwards he decided to destroy it and then we never got back to it. Next year I guess. 

$2 Tuesday-Thanksgiving Point

Finally finishing up August blog post, so bare with me there is a lot of pictures :) On the last Tuesday of the month, we took advantage of the older kids being in school and two dollar Tuesday at Thanksgiving point. We visited The Museum of Ancient Life and Farm Country, both for much less than what we would have paid if we went not on a discount day. We did have more of a crowd because of it, but it was still a very fun day with my kids. 

First on Carson to do was turn back time to dinosaur time :)
 It was fun to see his couriosity, because he has never really been into dinosaurs much. 
 A paleontologist hard at work. 
 Paleontologist have lots of tools, more than I even imagined. 
 Throughout the museum they had touch and feel objects that they could interact with, a fossil was the 1st on the trip. 
 I loved how it flowed through all the different time periods in order, and even through time when it was just stars :)
 We found a dinosaur cave, and played around for a little bit. 
 An interactive Dinosaur computer movie.
 It is fun to see just how many species there really was, and I am sure there are even more that we have not even discovered yet!
Water creatures 
 Ancient crocs, I am sure they were just as dangerous way back when. 
 Wouldn't want to be a a battle with this dinosaur with the spikes. 
 I love how it was set up throughout the museum there was places that the kids could play an explore with dinosaurs, this one they got to put a triceratops together. 
 These are massive, can't get it all in one picture!
 Carson the paleontologist. 
 Even stuff for the little kids too, Sydni had fun playing with this plastic dinosaur more like trying to put it in her mouth. 
 The verdict is Carson only came up to just above the dinosaurs ankle bones :) 
 And an even smaller Sydni
 I am sure this was his favorite interactive exhibit, playing in the sand with dinosaurs. 
 What mom?
 He saw the computer and immediately jumped on to give it a spin. 
 It wouldn't be a trip to a dinosaur museum if you didn't get a chance to ride on a dinosaur right?!
 On to the T-Rex fight :)
 It is hard to imagine these creatures, but they are fascinating to me. 
 Wow, not only the dinosaur's where big, but so were the fish!
Mom, look!
We had some crazy creatures way back when.
Ocean life, man can I say I am glad we don't have sharks that big anymore!
Our last stop work as a paleontologist, Carson had lots of fun at the Ancient Life Museum. 
Dinosaur digging is a lot of work, so we had to grab a bite to eat, at least the kids, I was on Take Shape for Life at the time. 
After lunch we were off to the farm. The things I do for my kids, my eyes were burning and I was sneezing the entire time we were on the farm. They had lots of fun so that is all that matters! 
Sydni wasn't afraid of the little ponies, she was very afraid of the huge Clydesdale though. 
You would have thought she was really hurt the way she freaked out when i pushed her up to the clydesdales, she burst into tears. And promtly moved her back and then she was just fine. I guess we will need to try that again next year :)
Carson loved the pigs, it took me awhile to get him away from them!
Look who is in the county jail, what did he do this time?
Our resident Sheriff 
The best pictures I could get of the 3 of us, on our horse ride around the farm, they loved it. 
It wouldn't be a farm if there wasn't a place where we could grow, pick, and harvest right?
It didn't matter if her legs were tiny and she just couldn't quite make it on the tractor she was determined, luckily mama helped her on.
Our two little tractor drivers, love these two little farmers. 
We have our crops planted, next step, let them grow
Ready to Harvest and put them on the truck!
 Now they are on the truck ready for the super market :)
 The final animals to check out before we left the farm where the cows, wouldn't be a farm without them right?!
 But we couldn't leave without a ride pony ride, we almost didn't make to the front before we needed a bathroom breaks, but proud of my little man he was able to hold it until his ride was over :)
Lyla was the pony of choice, because we needed to give the little one to a smaller child. 
 He sure did enjoy himself.
Despite more people since it was a two dollar, I am glad we took the day and enjoy each other. I sure do love these kiddos of mine!