Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

In one of my Jamberry pages a girl posted and was willing to add my kids names to the "Nice List" Toby brought them to us on Christmas Eve for the kids. 
On our way home from Temple Square Sydni was uncomfortable or made herself throw up, we are not sure, which made us have to bring in her car seat and wash it, well it took us a while to get it back outside. On Christmas Eve Carson sat down in the car seat and had Sydni sit on his lap, he grabbed her and turned her body towards him and proceeded to say "Sydni, what would you like for Christmas, " he would then laugh. They played this game for quite a while, it was precious. 
After the children went to bed, we took out all the presents that we had stashed away some wrapped others not yet, and put them on display. I always love the feeling of Christmas Eve once the house is cleaned up and the presents are under the tree, it is still hard to go to sleep because I am so excited for the kids to see their presents. 
 We even were able to get the train to go around the presents, that was the first thing they wanted to touch when they got up for the morning, it lasted not very long on the floor before it was broken unfortunately and had to be fixed. 
Mom and Dad gave them both a large pillow pet, Carson's pillow was in need of retirement. 
Stockings were stocked full, of candy, and small little gifts.
Because no Rocky was found, we went with Ryder from Paw Patrol as the next best option, though he continues to talk about Rocky and how Santa is going to bring it after Rocky's truck is fixed, unfortunately it is still no where to be found, except for a very high prize on Ebay. 
Grandma and Grandpa Dickens' gave the children a little statue of Christ, such a thoughtful gift as a reminder in our lives. 
His rescue truck from G & G Payne was a big hit with Carson, he has almost never put it down 2 months later, he just loves it, it even took a ride in the bathtub, when it should have not. 
Sydni got a little laptop from G & G Payne.
 It is fun to watch her just sit down and act like she is working on it, it is a learning one so Carson likes it too. 
She knows exactly what to do with it.
 Say What?
Sydni had not problems with opening presents the 24 days of Christmas really helped her understand what to do.
Grandma and Grandpa Payne, knew she loved stuff animals, and why not one that can read to you too!
If you have Paw patrols, you need a paw patrol lookout.
Grandma and Grandpa Payne also knew that Carson loves trains, so a Thomas set he got!
We had such a hard time figuring out what to get our little girl for Christmas, in the end we went with a Snow White and the 7 Dwarf cottage, and the corresponding little people, since she loves putting things into things. She loves to push the button for the organ and just dance. 
G & G Grandma and Grandpa O'Donnell gave Sydni a baby stroller, she is always pushing something it in whether it is Carson's trucks, her baby, or stuff animals, you name it she will push it. 
G & G O'Donnell also gave Carson Trouble and an out fit, which he has called his "Jonathan's" from the minute he saw them.
As you can tell the kids were once again spoiled, even with a puzzle from cousin Leah.
It was a long morning, Sydni couldn't even make it to Christmas Lunch. 
This year we stayed home for Christmas dinner and cooked it up ourselves, it was fun, but we had lots of left overs, yum!
Merry Christmas 2014~

Temple Square 2014

Our trip to temple square was a quick trip, we actually didn't stay there very long, which surprised me, so we might have to go alone as well with my family next year, so we could spend time on the temple grounds more, where the spirit it. 
We did spend the majority of time on temple square listening to the nativity scene, and a few times I was part of the sightings when I had to run after Carson onto the grass. 
It always amazing me how many lights are on a single tree, and that they take it down and put it up every year!
Carson and his favorite aunt more like a good friend, Rachel. I wished we had, had time to take a family picture, but it was literally in and out, or we would have lost the group. 

1st Time Bowling

I took Carson just before Christmas bowling for the first time, he LOVED it!

Now that is a big ball Buba.
If you take a look at all his pictures, when he concentrates his tongue is out ;) First ball is a go!
He didn't realize at first you were supposed to watch her ball down the lane, hitting the pins, so he missed it. 
Sydni unfortunately didn't get to join in the fun, since I have only one set hands, next time baby girl. 
He became a pro and kicked the helper to the curb and rolled it himself. 
The final score, and lets just say at the beginning you can see he was kicking my trash, I was getting a little nervous that I was going to be beat by my 3 year old on his first time bowling. Way to go buddy!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Riverwoods Christmas

The night we went to the Riverwoods Christmas lights was so warm, I had wanted to go and get there in time to get a ride on the carriage ride, unfortunately I didn't read very well and they didn't have it going on Monday night, darn next year I guess. 

I really like how this Santa looks, he looks the most real to me. 
Sydni did okay, but still wasn't sure about Santa. 
The kids played in the fountain for a moment, I thought this picture of the fire was pretty cool, totally not planned. 
The kids really liked these light up spheres, we spent most of our time in front of these, until we decided we should get warm.