Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Zumba Party 2

Another excuse to dance and dress up, always fun things to do. This was the 2nd Halloween Zumba party, thanks Renee' for inviting us. 

 Renee our cute bumble bee instructor
Getting our Zumba on!

Would not be Halloween with the lights now would it?

Zumba Bunch

Don't we look great, sweat and all!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Zumba Halloween Party

What can I say? Sometimes it is just really fun to goof off!

Me dancing with my Dorothy costume
 Lisa grooving to the beat
 Heather looking cute in her bat costume
 Die hard Zumba fanatics
 Stacy, Lisa, and Amber won the costume contest

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chili Cook Off

Our ward annual Chili Cook Off, was a lot of fun not to mention lots of delicious chilies and pies. We managed to get a few pics of our costumes as well as Carson playing with a few of his ward friends, enjoy.

Picture after visiting the wizard!

 Awe, what a cute lion!
 The next few pictures are of Carson playing with his friend Aurora, who was dressed up as a skeleton!
 Good friends
 Cutie Pies
 Practicing his acrobatics

 Taking a break!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Silly Boy

Today Carson and I got all bundled up nice and warm to take a relaxing short walk around the neighborhood. While we were on the path behind the houses, we got to see a train come down the tracks, Carson got a huge smile on his face and started laughing, so cute. He also loved seeing the Halloween decorations on the houses and of course all the birds that are flying South for the winter, I love to see this boy grow and be curious about everything. Enjoy a couple of pictures of my little one. 

As mentioned in an earlier post Carson is becoming quite the little climber and will climb into about everything. Today I came out to find him where? You guessed it,  I found him a bit stuck in the basket under the stroller, I could not help but take a few pictures of the situation he got himself into, silly boy!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Great-Grandma's Quilt

My Grandma makes the cutest quilt I have ever seen, she makes them for weddings, birth of babies, and many more occasions and does a great job every time. Today we took pictures for Grandma's Quilt scrapbook, and also sent her some of when he was younger on the quilt. He had fun bringing all his cars over and playing with them on the quilt. Daddy even started asking Carson where the green, and blue bears were, so in the future we have an educational quilt as well.

 Thanks again Great-Grandma O'Donnell for this wonderful quilt. 
Love, Carson, Mom, and Dad! 

 Carson 5 months old playing and watching Mickey Mouse on Quilt

Morning Movies

Carson loves his morning movies in Mom and Dad's bed, and he has to have his remotes or he screams to get them, so funny!

Carson Enjoying himself

Over the past few weeks Carson has been attempting to climb onto and into everything he can, luckily for me he still is having troubles climbing onto the couches but it will not be long though. The next pictures show what I happened upon last night as I came into the living room, I found Carson happily playing in his toy box.  He then proceeded to want to get out, however, he could not figure out how for a bit, then he decided to fall out and all the toys fell on top of him, he was a bit started but that is all. Our cute little curious boy!

Dickens in the Wizard of Oz

This year as a family we are portraying Wizard of Oz characters. We are currently making Robert's Tin Man costume and I have finished my Dorothy costume, while Carson is being our cute Lion. A family photo will be posted soon, but until then enjoy Dorothy and our little Lion!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Over the River and Through the Woods

Last week we went over the river and through the woods to grandma and grandpa O'Donnell's house in Ely. It was a very fun weekend, filled with a trips to the mine, grocery store,  duck pond, V & S, Nevada Railroad station, horses, and we can't forget grandma and grandpa's house and yard. Carson at the time we were visiting also  learned a few new words including eat, star, and dirt. He learned dirt from his grandma Payne, while he was having a blast playing in the dirt in the garden, his favorite place was in a circle of bricks in the garden. On Friday the 19th, we visited the local mine where they mine copper, silver, gold and other minerals, while we were there we had the privilege of seeing them blast a portion of the ground to start in a new place, I can honestly say it was not as exciting as we all made it out to be. I however, I was able to get a few pictures of the dust after the blast and a few pictures of the site and of all who were there. Also forgive me this is a long post for a fun weekend.

Dust after the blast

Aunt Rachel and Carson
The whole Gang

 Uncle Austin and Carson

On Saturday the 20th, Carson, Rachel, Grandma, and myself went to the duck pond, and to the Nevada Railroad station where they are currently running the "Ghost" train and have their Halloween decorations up. It was a lot of fun to feed the ducks and watch the trains be hooked up.

Carson @ the Duck Pond

 Feeding the ducks cantaloupe 

Carson & Mommy's Shadow
 Grandma, Carson, & Rachel
 Nevada Northern Railway

Also on Saturday, we went down and rode Grandpa's horses, it was a lot of fun. It has been a few years since I rode a horse, but it came back pretty quickly, however, it is a bit different riding with a child in front of you. Carson, Austin and I rode Lil, she is a very easy horse and Carson loved riding. 

Also throughout the weekend, my Grandma and I put together an apron for my Halloween costume. This year as a family we are going to be characters from the Wizard of Oz. Carson will be the Lion, Robert will be the Tin Man, and I will be Dorothy. As with most things I am not so good at, so with sewing I had to document the sewing progress, the final picture will be a family picture later on this month. 

Finally we had to document Carson's first Oreo dipping experience and few other random pictures of everyone throughout the weekend. Sorry for the long post, however, I hope you had a fun time reading and looking through our getaway. 

 First dunking experience

 Great job Uncle Austin!

 What's my allowance?

 Loved playing with this wooden rackets

Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa for lettings us mess up your house a bit, and make a bit of noise, it was a fun weekend!