Saturday, August 31, 2013

First Time Swimming

Last night as a family we took the time to utilize our clubhouse pool because 7 Peaks was closed and we didn't want to lie to Carson about going swimming once Daddy got home. It was also Sydni's first time swimming and she loved it, she just laid back in her floater and relaxed for about an hour in the pool, smiling the whole time. 
By the end of her swimming experience she was wiped out and went to bed by 9 pm, I think it also has to do with unfortunately she has caught her first cold and has had a hard time sleeping lately. 
There was a first for Carson too, he used his arm floaties and swam all by himself, you could tell he was scared at first to be alone, but then he warmed up to the idea and was swimming back and forth between Mom and Dad with a big grin on his face the whole time.
What a big grin! 
"I did it," after swimming to Dad! 
It is a bird, it's a plane, it's Carson
Where did he go? I guess faster he is faster than a speeding bullet.

Afterwards Daddy wrapped Carson up into a tight burrito, he started jumping and ended up falling on the ground and getting stuck. 
It took him a minute or two to wiggle his way out, we could not help but laugh and watch as he did his Houdini act. 
Until our next swimming adventure.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fun in the rain

On Tuesday Carson, Sydni and I decided to get a much needed break from inside so we headed to the clubhouse playground. While we were there it decided to sprinkle on us, we decided that would not keep us from having fun, I just covered up the baby and we continued to play until Daddy game home from lunch. It was a good opportunity for Carson to run and play and release some energy, it was also a perfect temperature to be outside, not this 90 and 100 degree weather that has preventing us from having fun outside. 

Carson took the time to climb on anything he could, included the big green slide all by himself. 
 His faces say VICTORY!
Wish this picture was better, but he was have so much fun trying to climb up the blue slide. Unfortunately he was not successful this time, but almost. Maybe next time Bubba.
Love his smile as he made it across the cable bridge.
 Still happy even with those war wounds called mosquitoes bites.
 First step
 Second step
 Wet bum from the rain I promise.
 Very determined to reach those slides.
Wow, I think this is going a little too fast!

It was fun to change up the routine and spend some time outside, we are looking forward to the being able to do it more often as Summer turns into Fall

Eaten Alive

On Monday night we decided to go on a family walk around our neighborhood as a family, mostly so I could achieve 15,000 steps in a day. However, we learned why we should never go on an evening walk again in our neighborhood, just look at these pictures and you will understand.
Carson got about 9 mosquitoes bits on his face and at least 10 on his legs. This is a lot by the end of the walk we were practically running to get away from the mosquitoes. Since then Carson has been on benadryl to help alleviate his reaction to them. Though you can still see where all the bites were and his right leg is still a bit swollen, poor little guy. 
 I also received a bunch of mosquitoe bites and I swelled up, when all the swelling had gone down I had 9 in a mater of one finger length space, talk about congregation. Robert received many, lucky for him non of them bothered him as much as they did Carson and I, and little miss Sydni receive only one on the top of her head, luckily. 
 Unfortunately our family night walks will cease until we move from this area of Springville, can't take the risk with Carson's allergy, bummer because I love walks.  FYI mine are still bugging me, so itchy.

Sunday Night Movie

Last Sunday night we had the pleasure of having Grandma and Grandpa Dickens over for a visit and dinner. It was a short visit, but a fun visit. We always look forward to their visits especially Carson he just loves his grandparents. In fact when ever the door rings it is grandpa! The final thing we did was watch "Up" with Grandma and Grandpa, and Carson curled right up into Grandpa's lap and watched the movie. 

Hopefully we have quite a few more years with these two, we just love them!

2 Months

Guess who is 2 months old? Yes, our little miss Sydni turned two months old last Saturday, and yes through the rough times with her these last two months which thought they would last for ever, but in reality they have flown by! She has begun to smile and we can't help but smile back and talk to her as she uses her cooing to talk back, love her little coos. 

Sydni's 2 month Stats
Weight: 12 lbs 10 oz (76%)
Length: 23 inches (68%)
Head: 38.5 cm (52%)

So as we can see she is growing, in fact she is bigger than Carson was at this age, he was 12 pounds 2 oz, 24 inches, and his head was 29 centimeters.

 Miss Sydni 2 months old!
All ready for church

  • She smiled for the first time on August 2, and we love getting her to smile!
  • She has a new found love the SWING! I am loving it too, lets me get some things done around the house
  • She is still not a good sleeper, she wakes up multiple times during the night, and usually will not eat much
  • Going through a rough patch with nursing currently. She is really fussy and refuses to eat, after meeting with Dr. Harrison yesterday we believe she does not like the quick flow of my milk. Going to try a few different positions and see if that helps any. Currently she likes laying down to nurse, which is not a convenient position when you are out on the go.
  • She is pretty good at holding her head up now, 
  • She is beginning to recognize our faces and zero in on us when we are talking to her. 
  • She is starting to talk back in her little "coos," love them!
  • She prefers to be looking around now and be out of her car seat when ever possible.
  • Loves sitting outside in her bouncer and is content for hours. 
  • She hates sleeping on her back, so we have moved her to her stomach despite medical recommendations. 
  • She is much more demanding than Carson ever was, she is one little diva that is for sure. 
  • She is beginning to figure out how to use her hands and I find them sometimes in her mouth, just can't quite get them to stay where she wants them to yet, but that will be soon. 
  • She loves to watch her brother as he goes around and around her, however, unfortunately he has fallen on her a few times so that is a dangerous game. I can personally say babies are not has fragil as many people claim them to be, she is tough one.                  
In her new found napper, the SWING!  
 My Smiling Beauty  
Just a cute picture!
Brother and Sister time! It is interesting to note that I have friends who have older daughters who just love to help with the their younger sibling, however, Carson is content to leave her alone most of the time, must be the difference between boy and girls which are divine qualities. However, he does like to be around her and hold her quite often, especially when I am taking pictures of Sydni

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fun around the house

 It has been pretty hot this summer and thus unfortunately we have not spent much time outside, so we have had to make due having fun inside together. Recently Carson decided to get out his train set he got for his birthday, he even decided that the set needed another bridge which he got from the packing our laptop came in, so ingenious for a 2 yr old.  
And We have watched lots of movies some of our favorites lately have been, "The Lorax," "Up," "Cars," and "Toy Story 3." If Carson wants "The Lorax, " he says trees. If he wants "Up," he says snipe. I love how he is coming up with words to describe exactly what he wants makes it much more easy to please him. And when we can we try to make it outside to play with friends, he loves to color with chalk. We can't wait for the fall air to start rolling in and you better believe you will find the 3 of our house side more during the day, this week has been great with the rain has cooled things on quite a bit!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Stop Growing

Though I don't really want her to stop growing I do wish she would slow down a little bit. Sydni will be 2 months on Saturday, where has the time gone? She is beginning to be less fussy which is great and she loves to smile, love this stage. This past week I have noticed her trying to get her hands to her mount, but just can't quite get them to stay, I am sure that is just around the corner. She also is beginning to focus on faces, object, and the TV. On Monday I took a few pictures of her just staring at the TV watching "Sophia the First," one of our families favorite shows(including Carson.) She has also started sitting in her Bumbo for short moments, although she is currently not a huge fan of it, but I am sure as she gets better control of her head she will learn to like it just like her big brother. 

I have found myself not taking as many pictures of our little girl, but I am bound and determined to keep the pictures going, want all my children to have pictures of when they were little. Love her faces.
 Staring at her car seat toy on the way to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Payne last weekend for the first time. 
 A little bit of a smile, while sitting in her Bumbo for the first time. 
Finally watch "Sophia the First" in her bouncer. 

Utah County Fair 2013

We took our family tractor(aka Van) down to the county fair in Spanish Fork for some fun this past weekend, we had a blast. It must have been our families' night to go, because we saw Teresa and Jaime and their family, Lisa and her kids, and Mama and Daddy, it was fun to see everyone enjoying something together. 

We specifically went to the fair to see the big Lego set up they had last year, because Carson loved it last year again. He could barely walk, but he always made his way back to the Lego set without us having to show him where to go, it was cute to watch him that little and know exactly where he wanted to go.

Upon arrival Carson got a bonus, a large train that the kids could climb in and ring the bell, it was pretty awesome, he loved it!

 Carson the engineer, looks so tiny compared to the big train.
 Hi mom.
 Carson took daddy on his train, I wonder who is driving?
In order to get Carson to leave the train, Daddy had to remind Carson there was another train to see, and he came immediately. We ended up getting a few pictures of Carson with the Lego train, but wished we could have gotten better ones. 
 Waiting for the train, can you tell he was excited. He would jump up and down every time the train came around.
Next we headed off to the small animal petting area, but not without a few tears shed because we were leaving the train ( a few tears, understatement of the year!) However, when he got to the animals he thought that was pretty cool too? They had rabbits, cows, pigs, goats, and chickens. Carson even got to hold one of the rabbits, he got shocked when it jumped out of his hands though. However, his favorite animal to hold was the baby goat. While he was holding the baby goat, a little girl kept trying to take it away from him, he continued to squeeze it harder and say "mine, mine" I was praying he didn't squeeze it to tight. 
As soon as he realized we were leaving the small petting area he bolted to where the Legos were set up, Robert was barely able to keep an eye on him, that is how fast he went.  After a little longer at the Lego station we had to take him bawling from the shed that housed the Legos to leave because baby sister was getting hungry and so was everyone else including Carson though he would not admit it. But as you may of guessed we were really not leaving because he played again on the large train at the entrance to the fair grounds for a little bit until Sydni really had enough. We came into the fair with two happy children and left the fair with two crying children, but it was still a fun evening.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Too Cute for Words!

 I guess it doesn't matter if you have a girl or a boy, they will always try on Mommy's shoes. He probably walked around the house for about 15 minutes wearing my shoes and taking them an on and off. Only wish the straight on shot was not blurry, but oh well.