Thursday, October 31, 2013

Weekend Fun

Daddy needed new shoes so we went to Cabelas and of course we had to have some fun. While Daddy tried on shoes I took Carson and Sydni around to see all the cool exhibits they have around the store. He really wanted to go see the fish in the middle of the store, he seemed to remember them from the last time we went. 

First we went on an Africa adventure and saw many animals including a couple lions on the hunt. 
 Love his face in this picture in regards to what is happening in the background. 
 Sydni didn't care much for the exhibits, but she did enjoy that we kept moving. 
 Memorized with the large fish in this tank.
 " Mom, a Bear!"
 "Can I push the button now?"
 Tried to get a picture of them both, but Carson was being his normal self and avoiding the camera. 
 Feeding the fish, luckily he just pretended to eat the fish food. 
 Pure enjoyment for only 25 cents
 Our final stop was the aquarium that just so happened to be decorated for Halloween, including a fog machine.
 Such a fun store to visit for all ages.

Our final stop was going out to eat at a local BBQ restaurant in Provo, it was yummy!

Fall Festival

Always a fun time to get together has a ward family and enjoy chili and good company. This year we only dressed up the kids, but come Halloween we will all be dressed up in our bug costumes. This year we had a few guest with us, Christopher and Nicholas. 

Such a sweet picture of Carson and Nicholas, he just loves when his cousins come over to play. 
Carson loved this plinko game, in fact we had to keep taking him out of the room because he thought the candy was everlasting. 
Currently the best picture of our little Flick. Love the big bum and large head, looks like Flick to me. 
The cake walk, I ended up walking for him, he was only interested the cupcakes. 
Another one of our little ladybug, can't get enough of the cuteness. 
Thanks, Judy for this cute and delicious monster cupcake. 
Strike, just kidding, but he had fun playing ghost bowling. 
Fishing turned into a dangerous game, he thought it was more fun to swing the pole. He did however, like the idea of the candy at the end. 
By the end Carson was done wearing his costume, so we ended up with this 2 gems of Christopher.
We ended the enjoyable night with a glow in the dark parade, until next year!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Spooktacular

The start of the Halloween part posts begins with the annual Halloween Spooktacular put on by a friend in the ward for kids. I thought this year might be more enjoyable for Carson, but he didn't seem to care much, except for making a mess on the floor of water and occasionally putting together a pumpkin with Mr. Potato Head pieces. 

To be honest even though it was a fun, well thought out party, I was ready to leave shortly after we arrived. The first half hour I had to man the cake walk, while holding Sydni and trying to watch Carson wonder, hoping he would not get into to much trouble, all by myself because it was before Robert got home work. By the time I was finished with manning the cake walk, Carson had managed to pour water all over the floor, I had also forgot Sydni's binky and she was not happy, and to top it all off the only van keys were missing. 

Luckily I decided to stick it out and have a good time with Carson. I did manage to get him to try some of the games. Next year should be even more interesting with a 3 and 1 yr old by myself, but seeing my children puts a smile on me. 

My little Flick
 Who needs a Halloween party when you can have a toilet paper roll.
 Our little Miss Sydni ladybug.
 He found his own car and he played with it the remainder of the party, go figure. 
 He did decide he wanted to play the Witch Hat toss though. 
 Learning Thriller Zumba song
 This stations was his favorite, and I thought it was a very cute idea. Using a foam pumpkin as the head and pieces from Mr. Potato Head to make a pumpkin creation. 

 He did a great job, love the bone arm!
Where did this binky come from, didn't I say I forgot it? Well yes I did forget one, but a dear friend had one that I could borrow for the party, such a life saver for my sanity.
 Thriller performance!
Thanks again Lylani it turned out GREAT!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rice Cereal

We decided to start rice cereal tonight to see if it helps keep Sydni a bit more full through the night, though not sure how much she actually swallowed. How easy you forget how the first feeding goes, I don't remember having to take a 1/2 hour to feed about a tablespoon of rice cereal, but it was worth it seeing her reaction to it. Be aware this is picture overload post. 

Smiling unaware of what is going to happen next. 
Interesting object.
Not sure I am a fan of this taste and texture.
 Now way I am going to open my mouth.
 Maybe I will try it again.
Nope, still not sure about it. 
Am I finished yet?
Love seeing a baby try rice cereal for the first time, brings back memories of when we fed Carson for the first time, just LOVE IT!

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins, Pumpkins in a patch
Look, that one's bigger than me!

I need a pumpkin nice and round
So I can carve a face
And when I've found the perfect one
I'll bring it back to my place

I'll make a nice big pumpkin smile
That'll light the night with cheer
My small little pumpkin from the patch
This colorful time of year. 

As promised the kiddos and I went to Jakers again! Absolutely love this place, so much for the kids to do. We ended up spending at least a couple of hours, playing in the corn pit, sliding down hay slides, taking a tractor rides, petting animals, and making our way through the hay maze, and finally a wagon ride so much fun!

In the words of my Grandma, "Now there is a child enjoying life to the fullest. how Cute!"
Oh, there is that bright smile we love. 
Carson decided it would be a fun idea to pile corn on top of her, she was not so sure about it at first. 
 "Hi, Mom."
 He just loves the tractor ride, and apparently that baby is pretty good at photo bombing! :) #photobombing
 Such a sweet little girl. 
Love to see these two together, just melts my heart. 
 How far can I dig?
 These two were pretty warn out by the end, but surprising Carson still didn't end up taking a nap, go figure. 
 Until next year!