Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Utah Country Fair

Every year I like to try to make it down to the Country Fair, and I am so glad we did. Carson had an absolute blast again on the train and he loved petting all the animals as you will see on his face. Such a sweet expression of utter joy in his face, Sydni at times showed she was in utter fear!
He is not quite the best fisher yet, but he did go back again and again to get another prize :)
Face Painting, can you guess what he chose?
You guessed it! A Train!!!
Throw it high buddy, is it going to make it?
Just plain silliness!
Remember when I said Sydni at times was in utter fear, well it was around all the animals, she didn't want to be put down and hung on for dear life!
I did manage to get her to sit to see the little pigs, but of course not too close. 
Carson on the other hand wanted and touched all the animals he could.
We stopped and watched the tractor show, it wasn't to exciting for us adults, but Carson enjoyed it for a little bit. 
My guys, Love them!
Utter Fear when touching the tortoise, just had to get a picture though.  
One last stop to pull the bell, a fun day!

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