Sunday, June 29, 2014

Heber Valley Railroad

So playing catch up, story of a parent's life right. In April I purchased a couple of tickets for 90 minute train ride on the Heber Railroad, because it was such a sweet deal $15 dollars for 2 people since the kids were free. Robert took the day off and we spent the morning on the train and then later went and ate our favorite place in Heber Dickey's BBQ Pit. 

The kids and I waiting for the "All Aboard!"
You can't tell this boy loves trains right? Has his Thomas hat and he is ready to go.
He loves giving the tickets to the conductor when we board the train.
"All Aboard"
These two melt my heart, he sure does love his little sister.
She has the most stunning beautiful blue eyes, she gets compliments all the time.
The 90 minute trip has just begun, you can't keep the excitement of this kid's face.
Our train stopped just outside Soldier's Hollow and our surprised we were train robbed! Hands up!!!
They thought we had their treasure( they gave the kids chocolate coins, I have never seen Carson open it so quickly!)
In the end all they found was a rubber chicken, darn.
Carson hung out of the train window most of the way, he didn't want to miss a thing.
Even Sydni enjoyed looking out the windo.
Robert was able to a few pictures through an opening in the train, pretty neat.
On the way back Carson and his new friend Owen were inseparable, even though there was a 3 year difference between the two of them.
This boy is so darn cute!
When we arrived at our destination the train engine disconnected and traveled to the other end of the trains, the boys loved it.
Watching the engine go by.
While we were getting all hooked up, Carson and I went and got a few treats for the way back.
Yummy orange airhead
He even shared some with his friend Owen
Pure joy, this makes me smile every time :)
On the train ride Sydni started waving to everyone, the first time she had ever done that, so cute, now she waves to everyone.
Train buddies!
Carson thought this was pretty funny, couldn't stop laughing.
Can't go to Heber Station without taking the toy trains around the track a few times.
To end our trip we got a souvenir penny, Carson thought that was pretty neat.
Another fun family outing at Heber Valley railroad. 

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