Sunday, November 16, 2014

Random Happenings of Carson

Wow, finally blogging about September in November. Better late than never right! 

It appears that we took a lot of random pictures of Carson, what better way to document his childhood right?! 

We occasionally hear, I'm cold, and he will be out shortly!
 I frequently find him hiding while on the potty, silly kid.
 A year latter and Mr. Hopper is still hanging around, Carson loves it, it is funny to watch him run around in it. If I could figure out how to post my own videos on the blog, I would post a very fun one of him. 
 He was insistent that he needed all the coach pillows to watch his show, good thing he has a little bum :)
 He has recently become fascinated with having his picture taken, silly face.
 It had been one long day, and finally after hours of trying to get him relaxed he fell asleep. At one point I did to and reached over and held his hand while we slept. What a sweet picture, glad Robert grabbed the camera when he got home to capture this sweet memory. 
 Our big baby, in the baby carrier :)
 A rare moment when he will sit down an concentrate on something, unfortunately we never actually ended up finishing this project, because shortly afterwards he decided to destroy it and then we never got back to it. Next year I guess. 

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