Friday, January 30, 2015

Random Happenings January 2015

 January 1st-Walk in Daddy's shoes

The simple things in life, walking, I mean falling in Daddy's large snow boots. Sydni thought is was the coolest things since sliced bread, so cute!

January 9th-First Lipstick Kiss

"Mom, I like you lips." So I had to give him is first lipstick kiss, it should be Mom right?!

January 21st- First purchase

Carson has been wanting to get a monster truck ever since he started watching Youtube videos on our TV. So instead of purchasing the monster truck as a reward, we decide to let him save up to purchase one with his own money. The day arrived and he couldn't contain himself, it was so cute to see him bring it up to the register to purchase it. In just so happened our upstairs neighbor was our cashier, and he promtly told her he was buying it with his own money, he was was so eager to give the money to her, he kept trying to give it to her while she was checking the people in front of us. So rewarding as a mom to watch him be able to purchase himself something he has wanted a long time.
 So of course we had to test it out, he lined up all of his little cars that we could find and went round and round smashing and crashing into the cars, while he laughed and laughed!

 January 21st- Mommy and Me time

Sydni loves to get her "pretties" AKA Jamberry nails on when ever Mommy re-does her nails. She is for sure my girly girl, from mini bows, to matching out fits, to Jamberry nails. 
Our Valentine's Day Jams
 January 21st- Simple things in life
Sometimes the simple things in life bring the most pleasure. 

 January 28th-Silliness

Just the way we roll, trucks and pants on our heads, isn't that how you wear your pants?

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