Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Our Valentine's Day this year was pretty laid back, as a family the night before went to JCW's Burger for a bit to eat and a shake. I hadn't thought about doing anything for Robert, since we usually don't, so what I woke up to was a complete surprise.  

I woke up to this sweet note from my Honey :)
To my surprise I hoped our bedroom door, to find lots of reason why I am loved! Of course being the emotional one I am, I was crying, and it just got better as I went down the hall reading them all. 
* Submisssive
*Love our children
*Hard working
*Great Mom
*Down to earth
*Great Memory
*Full of Faith
*Easy Going
*Good Cook
*Home Maker
*Small Feet
 At the end I found a new elephant. Our first Valentine's together I got my very first elephant, which is pretty loved by now on our 9th Valentine's Day. I cherish all 5 of my elephants from Robert. I can't imagine my life without him Love ya honey!

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