Friday, February 20, 2015

Our Own Snow

What do you do when you have a winter with basically no snow?? Well you buy in a bottle of course. This year has been a surprisingly warm winter, in fact we were have forest fires, CRAZY. So instead we didn't bundle up, but we go to play with snow inside instead. 

It was actually pretty fun, even I got in on the action, it was cold and soft just like the real thing, the kids REALLY enjoy it!

$3.50 for a bottle of snow, that we could use over and over again, worth, I say yes.
 "Just add water!"
Sydni really hasn't had much snow in her lifetime, she thoroughly enjoyed herself.  
 Who me? Silly guy!
 I could have played for hours with this stuff, cold and soft, love textures like that. 
 Though it didn't really hold enough to make a snowball, but we had to give it a try.
 It's snowing! It Snowing!
 I am about to make a mess.
Carson didn't want to put the snow away when it was time, in fact he got it out a few times by himself before we retired it for the season.
 Looks like she enjoyed herself, you couldn't be barefoot outside.
What a fun afternoon, we made the best out of the season and brought the snow to us.

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