Monday, March 2, 2015

Snow Finally!

We finally got a little bit of snow on March 2nd!!! Our little snow day just the three of us.

It was funny and cute to watch Sydni try to walk in her 2T snowpants and 18 month coat( she is still in 12 month clothes) She could barely walk without falling down, which she did quite often. 
I will never get old of this adorable smile of hers. 
 Carson went all over the common area, trampling through the snow, Sydni on the other hand couldn't do much but sit and eat the snow. 
 Stopping to eat the snow. 
 He even got mom a few times.
 Where has the time gone, this little guy is almost 4. 
 Practicing his snow angels. 
 A final lick before going inside. 
Glad it snowed so the kids could at least go out once this winter. 

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