Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Random April Happenings

I may be bias, but I have reason to, right?  My babies are two of the cutest kids I know! I have loved watching them grow, learn, and begin to interact as friends and not just siblings, love these two. Here are a few pictures of these adorable people I get to spend my entire day with, throughout the month of April. 

Our cool little guy, sporting his fedora! 
Deep in thought!
We frequently find these two together in the crib. Every morning Carson lets us know that "Sydni wake up!"
And here is why she gets her nick name Mama Kitty :) 
Carson loves crawling along with his little sister, and I can she enjoys playing with her big brother. 
The "Croods" Is a favorite movie around our house and we just had to make a family cave right? We love watching Carson watching movies, he gets so into the songs and actions the characters are doing. 
Just a funny picture, he decided his little sister was a good place to place the box contents on once discarded.  
This looks familiar, I guess we are a family who likes to put large Legos in our mouth. As you can see in this blog post of Carson
Carson is becoming so smart and surprises us each day with new words, new sentences and new skills. After FHE one night we played memory for the 1st time with Carson, he loved it. 
We got up to 16 cards before he lost interest. 
A few weeks ago a couple of cousin's Alexandra and Nathan came over to play, he wiped Carson out. 
We are so lucky that these two beautiful children are ours!

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