Sunday, May 25, 2014

Van Gogh to Playdough

Last month Carson and I had a "Mother Son" play-date at the BYU art museum program for toddlers, called Van Gogh to Play dough. We dropped Sydni off at Aunt Theresa's house and set out for an hour filled of fun.

First we were read a story which gave us our theme for the whole hour, which turned out to be "SPRINGTIME!" I was  a bit surprised Carson sat through the story and was quite engaged, the rest of the hour he was not so much. 
He has been come fascinated with letters, though every one is an O or a C. So naturally he picked up an A and didn't let it go until we moved onto the museum portion of the hour. We are working on learning our ABC's he knows some of the letters, and working on the others :) 
Awe, I can't believe little guy has been in my life for almost 3 year, love him!
For the next half our we moved around the museum learning about Spring, from flowers, to baby animals. Each picture we talked about they engaged the kids a little bit, Carson loved the matching game the most, however, he would have much rather ran around the museum :) 
While in the museum we also learned about flowers, and also sat and made picnic food out of paper and tape.

For the last half hour we were in the Art Studio, making crafts that had to do with the 3 paintings that we had just learned about.

As I watched Carson and others make their fruit and Vegetable stamp paintings, I saw a big difference between how girls and boys make crafts. Carson didn't care to make each stamp perfect or even try to make it look like what food it should have looked like, while the little girls took great measures to make sure the stamps looked just perfect. Love my little guy though. 
Our Fruit/Veggie stamp painting :) 
He loved taking water colors and squeezing them on to the paper to make tree branches 
When he is into something he concentrates very well.
An abstract painting of a tree and flower blossoms. 
His favorite part in art room was the sensory pin, he didn't really care to do the other crafts, he kept running back to play some more.  
It was fun to watch him as he found little animals, glad I have a camera that can catch expressions like this!

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