Tuesday, March 25, 2014

9 months

Has it really been nine months already since our princess joined out family, I can't believe it nor do I really want to believe our baby is growing up so quickly!
In the past month Sydni has learned and mastered many new skills, she is learning so quickly. The first 7 months of life she didn't seem to care to learn new skills, but has taken off in the last couple, such a big girl.

Sydni's Stats at 9 months

Weight: 18 lbs 8 oz (59%)
Height: 27.5 inches (44%)
Head: 44 cm(57%)

She may be big to some parents, but she is our little petite princess, and we hope she stays that way for a little bit longer. 

At 9 months:
  • She started crawling just shortly after 8 months on the 2nd of March, and quickly mastered that skill. I have almost stepped on her a couple times at Zumba because she is so fast!
  • No words specially yet, but she has started babbling more and started to experiment with the B sound. 
  • She now pulls herself up to furniture and alike, though she hasn't really started moving along them except for one small lift of the leg once. 
  • She is now mostly on formula, a sad day for me, but for many reasons my body did not make enough of a supply this time around. 
  • She loves playing with her big brother Carson, and wants to be doing everything he is doing!
  • She currently has two teeth, and has bit me only once so far.
  • We have recently given her a nickname of "Mama Kitty" because she puts socks, toys, ect in her mouth and crawls down the hall. So cute!
  • She loves her Mama, and is starting to get full on separation anxiety, especially with a few people in our lives for some reason. 
  • She is getting through the night for the most part now, just had to go through a ruff patch and let her cry it out for a while, then she caught on that sleeping is fun!
  • We love her noisy big, bright smile
  • She eats anything you give her, she is not a picky eater in the least
  • She loves her pacifiers more than almost anything, she must have them hidden away all through the house, because I swear she always finds them. 
  • She is loving her new found freedom to explore and it much happier. 

Adventures of Sydni in March

"Mama Kitty"

In her new travels she has manged to get herself stuck a few times under the side tables, and wasn't a big fan of it.
 One day while Carson was asleep we did box car races, she liked it for a good while, but then it became old hat and she wanted to get out. 
 Yummy car.
 I think I am done.
 Now I am really done!
 She is already following in Mom's footsteps and getting her track start down, though the attire needs to be worked on, LOL
 On your marks, Set, Go!
 Just like her brother, she loves standing up to the dryer. 
Love seeing these two play together, and they do so well.

Happy 9 months baby girl now on the last quarter of your first year!

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