Sunday, May 25, 2014

Easter 2014 Part 1

The Saturday before Easter those of the Dickens' side of the family who could got together for a little lunch and Easter Egg hunt. It was a lot of fun, and the kids had a lot of fun play at Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove. 

I just love this picture of Sydni and Grandpa Dickens, so cute!
 Carson had such a fun time playing around with his cousins, a few times we got a little bit nervous when we couldn't find him, such a huge park!
 Is Josh going to make it?
 Miss Clair looking ever so beautiful
 Way to go Lahela, you can do it!
 Ready for the eating to begin, such a beautiful day it was!
 Around and Around we go!
 This is what Carson was doing a by himself in a corner one of the times Robert really started getting nervous when he couldn't spot him, thanks uncle Matt for spotting him!
 Adorable little grin.
 Renee and Jeremy as you can see they were meant for each other.
 Nathan and Preston had quite a bit of fun on the swings, going every which way. 
 "This way Dad!" said with a wink!
 Ready, Set, Go!!!!!!
 The little ones got to go first before the older ones, which is a good thing. 
 He has spotted one!
 It was so fun to watch Sydni see an egg on the grass and crawl as fast as she could grab it, unfortunately a few times the older children got to it sooner than her and didn't notice she was going for the egg. 
 The older ones are off!
 Grandma and Grandpa were sporting some new egg attire, can you spot them?
 She found this egg all on her own, she learned quickly what to look for. 
 We have a future Vana White in the family appears, a natural Hazel. 
 She looks so cute in her new yellow outfit, that we had to purchase at Walmart on our way to the shindig. She decided to throw up all of her milk for some odd reason, she wasn't sick as she never did it again that day or any time soon after. 
Even the older girls though they tried not to show it still loved the free candy. :) 
 If you know Sydni very well you know she has loved cups from a very young age. Well she noticed a jump and crawled right to it to drink from it, well upon looking in the cup she realized that a egg was inside of it, and she went right for it. 
 "Don't touch my Egg!" 
A baby's first Easter is such a cute one, they just try to eat the whole egg!
 It wouldn't be Easter without a Easter treat from Grandma Dickens
Thanks for the fun afternoon everyone!

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