Monday, May 26, 2014

Easter Part 2

Our kids got a little bit spoiled for Easter, though most of the candy really went to Mom and Dad. Next year we will go a little bit more conservative 
 I had the hardest time finding a cute little bright Easter dress for Sydni, that is all I wanted to get her, but finally I found this bright yellow on at JC Penny's the day before, and those adorable daisy sandals. 
 The day before we had to go purchase an outfit for Sydni because she threw up all her milk prior to the family Easter egg hunt, and while we were at Walmart of course Carson put on the adorable Thomas the train hat, so Dad secretly purchased the hat to go with his little Luke for Easter. 
 Unfortunatly, Sydni was a little bit too young for her Easter candy this year, but she loved pulling the grass out!
 Our little Engineer with Luke the train. 
 I tried to make these a secret for Dad and Carson for Easter, but silly me forgot to put them away and Robert saw them before Easter, a 3 shooter Nerf gun so we can have family fun wars. 
 The morning festivities were too exhausting, and fell asleep in Daddy's arms.
 My attempt at making an Easter themed breakfast, this was the best bunny, maybe next year right?
 Before church we took a few minutes to take pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits on a beautiful day. I love how they totally look like they could have come out a different 20's to 50's, with the fedora and the puffed up dress like Marilyn Monroe. 
 My cute kiddos, and 100% bias and they are the cutest kids in the world!
 This pic is for sure going on my new picture wall!
 Carson is such an expressive kid, love it!
 Unfortunatly, we didn't get a picture taken of the whole family, but I love being these two's Mama
 Such a smiley baby!
 After Church we decorated the cookies we made the night before and colored Easter eggs two of my family traditions that I would love to keep going with my little family. 

Carson wanted to be in the action 100%, which can be difficult at times, but I am glad he had a fun time.
 He was a very good helper, from rolling the dough, to cutting the bunnies, to laying the bunnies on the cookie tray. 
For the messy portion of decorating cookies we put him in his highchair and let him decorate a few of the cookies, while mom frosted the rest.
Sugars cookies would not be complete without sprinkles now would they? 
 Our finished cookies, and yes that is my Jamberry mini heater in the picture ;)
 Last year I purchased these no mess egg dying cups and we have to say they worked pretty well. 
Carson loved dropping them in the cup and watching them change colors. 
 For weeks a
 We even got out the white Crayon to give it a try, he love coloring on the eggs. 
 The process of retreaving the egg, pretty simple and saved our hands from being all stained. 

Can it get any better, the Man you love with all your heart playing with the children you created together, I dare say it can't! 
 My babies on their first Easters! 

April 8th, 2012
April 20th 2014
I know that my Savior lives and that he died and was Resurrection for me, that I may one day return back to my Heavenly Father. He is the reason that we celebrate Easter.

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