Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sydni 1 year!

A year has come and gone, Say what? I guess I have to start believing soon that our baby girl is growing up, quickly, can't she just slow down a bit?l

Sydni's 12 month Stats:
Weight: 20 lbs 8.5 oz (61%)
Height: 29.5 in (60%)
Head: 45.5 cm (65%)

As you can tell she is pretty much proportionate, average, but small for us and we love it!

At 12 months:
  • At this point Sydni has a wobbly walk that she uses every now and again, but crawling is still her main form of movement, and she is really fast at it too!
  • Sydni has such the brightest smile that almost never not on her face 
  • Daddy loves that she will crawl immediate over to him when he comes home from work. 
  • She is cute to watch, any time music comes on she starts a groovin, even if the cellphone rings. 
  • She loves to play peek-a-boo, it was fun to watch her and her cousin Leah this past week playing together. 
  • She loves to waves to everyone she sees, though if you want to hold her that is another story, she is very attached to her mom and dad!
  • She has become the little climber, can climb up the bunk bed(scary!) She climbs where ever and when ever she can
  • She has learned to open the entertainment center and pull out the DVD's, not sure Carson did that as early as she has. 
  • She loves her pacifier and I am not sure we are going to give that up anytime soon, at least for our sanity. 
  • She has 8 teeth and 1 molar coming in this week, been a rough week. 
  • The only word she really says is Mama or Mom, but she is working on Dance. 
We didn't actually do anything for her actual birthday except for sing "Happy Birthday" of course, we saved all the cake and presents until Saturday when we had a double birthday party for the kids. 

She loves sticking sticks such as this load from Carson's train track in her mouth, and just leaving it there. Here little stogie. 
 Smiles constantly!
 Our little drama diva. 
 Another Stogie
 Our little monkey
 She loved her balloons
 Two of her favorite things, smiling and her binki!

We love you baby girl and can't wait to see what new things you learn as you continue to grow into a beautiful woman. 

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