Saturday, July 12, 2014

3 years old!

Carson is 3 years old, yes it has for sure gone by quickly! He is strong willed, happy go lucky, sensitive to others, and downright crazy sometimes, but he perfect the way he is. 

Carson's 3 year Stats:
Weight: 38.2 lbs (94%)
Height: 40 in (94%)

He is still a train boy and not sure that will ever change, it is fun to start to watch his imagination and how he builds his "long train tracks," he is coming pretty good at it. It is a common accessory in our front room, but I don't mind. 
As you can tell he is in his underwear, which means he is potty trained! When he was ready he was ready, he has had very few accidents, usually only during nap time. 

His cute little soccer jams, they last a week before he just ripped them off. I know he is a boy, but he kept saying "Do my nails Mom!" How could I say no?
 The single most thing we love about Carson is his love for life and the joy he shows he is having.
Happy Birthday our not so little guy!

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