Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy 50th Birthday Dad!

A few months back I decided along with my siblings to throw a birthday party as a family for our Dad's 50th birthday party, then we decided to turn it into a surprise birthday party. No small feet, because if you know our dad he ask's way to many questions, but we love you anyways dad! We wanted a low key get together to celebrate our husband, dad, son, uncle, brother, and grandpa, so we set the party into planning mode. 

We sent out the invites to all our family members and most of them were able to make in into from various parts of Utah and Nevada, thanks for making it a successful party everyone. 

I know that my Dad and I have not always seen eye to eye, but I know now, looking back he was only trying keep me safe and through that show me how much he loves and cares for me. The single greatest thing I have learned from my dad and my dad helped me gain it, that is my testimony of the gosepel including the love the Savior has for me. I know that my dad knows that our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ live, that our Savior died on the cross of Calvary that we can be saved through him if we do our part, that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and restored the missing priesthood keys to this earth and thus the sealing powers that allows my family and I to be an eternal family, I took have that very same testimony as my Dad. Thank you dad for being strong in the gospel, it means the world to me. I love seeing you with my children, Carson just adores his grandpa, I think he would live you guys if he was able. I know you said not to wish you another 50 years, but I would love to have you in my earthly life at least for that many more, LOVE you DAD!

Here is everyone that was able to come and make this party a success.
A few of the littlest of the clan Corbin, Rachel, and Addie. 
Recently we have really been trying to get Carson to eat veggies, and it is going very slowly, however, at the party he did eat a tomato and a half a sandwich, which was a surprise. 
Austin getting some grub. 
Some more of the party goers, some came from near others a bit further away. 
Beautiful ladies. 
Deep in conversation. 
Costco did a great job on the cake, I will never go anywhere else, other places are so much more expensive.
Getting ready to blow out the candles, I got number candles instead of lighting 50 candles, didn't want the fire department to come, j/k love you dad!
Had to get a picture of these two, Carson adores his grandpa.
Awe, two beauties.
Picture perfect movie of the kids all nestled together watching Wretch if Ralph. 
The older ones watching it, not so cozy :)
As I have mentioned numerous times before grandma and aunt Rachel are two of Carson's favorite people, and he was not about to let them leave without him. Immediately after they left, Carson promtly got on uncle Austin's shoes and figured if he got shoes on he could go with them, sadly that was not the case.
So we decided to lock the door so it would stop him for a little bit, well he succeed in opening in unlocking the door, and waved good by before opening the door and walking out. 
On his way out. 
Thanks everyone who was able to make the trip to help celebrate a wonderful man I call my DAD!

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