Thursday, January 16, 2014

My wonderful Kids

I can't help but say it over and over again, I just love these two kids of mine. Though times maybe stressful at times, I would not change it for anything, my life is much more happy and full of laughs and adorable giggles. 

Though it has taken longer for Carson to want to play with Sydni then some other siblings, I have enjoyed the last month and seeing them interact together. Sydni gives the biggest smiles when she see her brother and she loves to just watch him go crazy around the room. She even likes to watch him play on the kindle fire, they sure start young :)
 Here is another bright smile of hers, she is getting ready to want to crawl. She is pretty good at scooting/ crawling backwards currently, forward motion will come soon. 
 She loved playing with the balloon until Carson decided he wanted it popped. 
 A not so welcome advance in the past 6 months is the fact that most days Carson will absolutely not take a nap, and then I find him so passed out holding his sippy cup later on in the day or early evening. We have tried everything to keep him in his room , and even though we have flipped the lock to the outside of the door, he still manages to unlock it pretty quickly utilizing the slit.  So no way of keeping him in, is other trick is telling me that his diaper is off, can't risk that being a false alarm. 
 I am sure other parents can attest, why in the heck do we buy toys. Kids always love to play with our 'toys.' That is exactly what Carson does lately. Can't keep him out of the drawers because he knows how to get into the child proof doors, and thus cooking utensils all over the house on a regular basis, he sure keeps me on my toes sometimes. 
 This is how I found him today, in the crib with his 'B' and a purple pacifier, silly boy!
Love this cheerful little boy of mine, he always brings a smile to my face. You can get him to laugh on a dime regardless of the mood he is in, he just can't help but laugh. Love you Carson. 

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