Friday, January 31, 2014

Carson Robert

Last night after kids went to be Robert and I sat and thought about the past 8 years together, we have come a long ways. We have lived in our current house almost 6 years, married for 7 and a 1/2 years, have 2 kids one of which will be 3 this year, WOW time flys In the process of our conversation we enjoyed thinking about or wonderful little boy and the cute and sometimes funny things he says and does and realized I needed to document some of them on the blog so we can remember them for years to come, here are some that we could recall. 

We call Carson our kiss and hug policy, why you ask, well ever morning as Daddy gets ready to leave Carson makes sure Daddy gives kiss and hugs to everyone. If he forgets you better believe Carson will remind him and not let him out of the house without making sure everyone gets their share in Daddy kisses. He just adores his Daddy(or Robert) as he sometimes calls him. 

He loves singing and we find him constantly playing as he signing a tune, usually "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," is lots of different ways, but still the correct tune. We have yet to capture our favorite rap version of the song, but hope to do so soon. He also loves to sing to his favorite cartoon especially his current favorite Special Agent OSO, you can't help but smile when you hear him sing word for word. 

Some of his favorite shows currently: Special Agent OSO, Color Crew, Bubble Guppies, Dora, Mickey Mouse, Umizoomi, and Paw Patrol

Favorite toys: Cars, trucks, and of course can't forget his favorite trains. 

We can almost always get him to laugh even when he is crying, all we have to say is " You better not laugh," and nine out of ten times he starts to smile and laugh. 

Some catch phrases of Carson's

"Dad find me!"
"Sydni wake up."
"What happen Mom"
"Dad, Carson with you."
"Take bath with Sydni."
"Doctor better."

This past week the whole family has been rather sick, but our cute little boy reminds us that a doctor makes us better. "Doctor, better." He even knows medicine can make us better and has no problem taking them if needed. 

He is such a character to be around, one of his latest fun things to do is to place this bucket on his head, makes me a bit nervous when he wears it like the below picture, but so far no issues. He also loves to "cook" lately, meaning he loves to pull out all the large cooking silverware and pretend he is cooking he trains, cars, you name it.
 He still loves bannans, but his new found love the past few months has been apples, we can't seem to get them stocked. Just last week in just under a day he ate 5 rather large apples, I thought I was feeding a teenage boy, we are in trouble. 
We are in the repeating stage of learning with Carson, we have found that we need to hold our tongue sometimes. 
See what I mean, do you notice how he put his foot up on the toy like mom. 
In the same copying category today, he copied his uncle Austin. He got out his very own harmonica(aka memory stick) and started to play. Apparently, his uncle made a lasting impression on him the couple times he saw him play.
 This past month we have been transitioning Sydni into the crib in Carson's room and every morning we find him in with Sydni playing with her, love seeing him interact more and more with her. I am slowly beginning to remember why I wanted my kids close in age.  In fact he has also decided to take a nap on his own in the crib after being in time out, this is how Akane a family friend and I found him. 
We love this little boy more than words can every express, he brings so much joy and happiness into our lives. In the course of our conversation last night, we realized it is hard to remember exactly what it was like not having him in our lives, that says he has made a permanent imprint on our hearts that we love him so dearly.  I love being his mom and though he can get on my nerves sometimes, I would not change it for the world, love you Carson!

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