Friday, January 31, 2014

7 months

Our bright smile little princess turned 7 months on the 24th of this month, and I still can't believe it! She is a joy to have in our home and you can just tell she was in the presence of our Heavenly Father. 

At 7 months:
  • On the very day she she turned 7 months she decided that she wanted to roll over, and so she did and has been rolling ever since. That very day she could roll front to back and back to front. She LOVES to roll!
  • Last night I noticed she is cutting her first tooth, it will be poking through any day.
  • In the past few weeks she has been getting partially on her knees and rocking, so crawling in the next month is my prediction. 
  • She may not giggle or talk much, but you can almost always find her with a big smile on her face. 
  • She can still fit into most of her 3-6 month clothes and here 3-6 month pants still rather large around the waist, skinny girl. We will have to move up up just because she grows out of the length of the pants. 
  • She is getting better at putting herself to sleep and usually only wakes up once in the late morning hours around 4 or 5 am. In fact a lot of times she doesn't want to nurse to go to bed she just wants to go to sleep. It is cute to watch her put her pacifier in her mouth and cuddle up next to her seahorse we got her for Christmas. 
  • She is a pro and sitting, only falls when she reaches way to far or gets knocked over. 
  • With clothes on she is up to 17 lbs, growing ever so slowly. 
  • She HATEs baby food, so we have had to resort to feeding her exactly what we are eating. She has done remarkably well, we just cut or break it into small pieces and she gums it and swallows it. We have not run into any allergies and she has had pretty much everything. 
  • Recently I have found she loves the yogurt bites from Walmart.
It is hard to take pictures of Sydni when her brother is around, she just loves him! But, hey I got a cute photo of her out of it. 
 Eating Cream of Wheat for the first time, loved it and managed to get it all over her clothes. I guess she is a typical girl and wanted an outfit change and figured out how to make it happen. 
 As you can see she is already for Halloween, she even knows that she is going to be a little jack o lantern for Halloween, smart girl!
Happy 7 months baby girl, we love you!

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