Thursday, September 25, 2014

Random July Happenings

Our two kiddos, enjoying a show together a bottle of milk, these two make my heart melt when I see them getting a long!
One of the moments when being a parent is not so fun, discipline. One day in July I had just had it with Carson destroying, getting into things, and not listening. So he got a significant time in the corner. When he had been in the corner for good time, he said he was cold so he grabbed "B" and put it over his head, and within minutes he was out! Mom had a little bit of quiet time before Sydni woke up, that is always nice on hard day. 
Carson loves his train track, is an understatement. One afternoon, I was pretty impressed, he designed this track around the car garage, he was pretty proud himself!

Mom and Dad! Look what I found!
I caught my sister!

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