Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Swimming Lesson

Over the summer, Carson took a couple of sessions of swimming lessons. At the beginning he was typical Carson crazy and not listening very well, however, overall he got better each day. He loved getting in line to wait for his teachers to call him, he seems to be a fish, on occasion he didn't want to get out of the pool, and his teachers had to catch him for me after he went back in the pool. 

On the first day he was running everywhere but where he should have been standing waiting for his teachers.
 Sydni having a good old time, while we waited for swim lessons to begin. 
 Yeah finally got him to stand in line to wait!
 Just love his smile :)
 The long 5 minute wait is over, bu still not sure what is going on. 
 High Fives and getting to know each other, perfect start!
 Carson jumped right in for a chance to ride on our noodle boat, as you can tell one little boy was not so happy, he didn't get into the pool ever again in our two week lesson.
 Getting used to the water was one skill they learned, quite frankly I think Carson just wanted to have water squirted in his face. 
 Practicing floating on his back, by the end of the 2nd session he was much better. This 1st time he was very tense and didn't want to lay on his back. 
 Ring around the Rosy: One student was in the middle of the hula hoop, and when they all fell down, the person in the middle would go under the water. 
 Carson's turn
 Practicing using their legs to kick, holding onto the side
 A quick 30 minutes and class was over for the day!

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