Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Time

For FHE yesterday we set up our Christmas tree and made our house feel more like Christmas. It was quite a different experience then we had the last few years as a married couple. We now know that we have a toddler if we didn't think so before. Multiple times I had to make distractions so Robert was able to finish up with the Christmas tree, not to mention I have a feeling in order to keep our sanity the ornaments will continue to rise until they are half way up the tree, those with kids know what I mean. Despite the bit of difficulty it was a fun time we got to spend as a family, Carson especially loved Mommy's trains and gave us big crocodile tears when Mommy put it on the shelf, but he loves to point and look at it now. To finish off the night we pulled out Polar Express, I was quite surprised Carson watched the entire movie, at times I was not sure if he was scared or excited, none the less I think he liked it overall. This morning Carson and I went to Walmart and purchased his very own Nativity scene that he can play without having to play with Mommy's decorations, even though I know it will still happen. He loves to push the button and make the stable sing Away in a Manager, pictures to follow of this toy. We look forward to making many more family traditions and years go by and more children join our family.  Here's to a wonderful winter Season and a Merry Christmas.   

Our Christmas Tree Day & Night

My New Nativity Set

 Carson's Little People Nativity Set

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