Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Experiences

Yesterday November 10th, the winter season was unofficially opened in Springville with a bang! It snowed, and snowed, and snowed. Compared to last year we hit the jackpot! This year it seemed that I was wishing and praying for snow while most people was hoping it would not come. I wanted to have Carson experience snow for the first time, and let me say, it was a big hit!Carson and Mom played out in the snow for about 45 minutes during the day, and then Carson and Dad played outside again at night for about another 45 minutes while Mom was working out. All in all we received probably a good 10 inches between yesterday and today, and we're loving every bit of it at our household. 


This little guy just had to get in on the action. Unfortunately Mom did not have snow pants or mittens for him, but he could have cared less. As you can see he picked up the snow anyway after a few moments of coaching from mom, what you do with a ball of snow, hehehe. The next adventure for this little guy was finding an abandoned sled which Mom, happily pulled him around the common grounds, love his smile in the sled pictures. 

Final adventure is good old playing in the snow itself! 



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