Sunday, February 2, 2014

Snowman Thank You

One thing my parents always taught me was that a handmade thank you can go a long ways. I came to realize this while on my paper route as a child, when ever we received a tip we always made a hand written note to thank our customer, it felt good, but to a teenager I could see I started to get more and more tips, just by a simple hand written thank you. At times I have had to write a few hundred thank you cards at once, but I always find joy in letting the giver know their gift personally was appreciated, I am not a fan of those generic thank you cards especially for wedding gift and baby shower gifts, the personal ones are always better. And of course you can never start teaching a child too young, so Carson and I sat down to make thank you cards to our family who generously made our Christmas bright. Carson helped me glue these little snowmen and women together, but his favorite part by far was making the finger print buttons, he loved putting his finger in the ink. It was a fun experience teaching my child that we should always thank when we are given something and who says you can't have fun while learning, we sure did. 

Our cute family of snowmen and women. 
 The gentlemen
 The ladies, these were improvised on the spot because I ran out of stickers to make the hats, so I used scarfs for bows. 

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