Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Weeks

Today marks a day that is comforting to me when it comes to being pregnant. Today is the day that I can stop taking progesterone and let the placenta take over producing it for the baby for the remainder of the pregnancy. In my case I am so deeply grateful for modern medicine, without it I cannot say 100% I would have my amazing son Carson or this little one! I decided I should maybe take pictures of this pregnancy as I don't have many with Carson and I kind of regret that choice, but hey can only improve. I did however, find a picture of me at 10 weeks with Carson so I took a 10 week photo of this pregnancy, and boy can you tell a difference. I am quite a bit skinnier with this pregnancy, in fact I found out that I am starting this pregnancy 24 pounds lighter than with Carson, wonderful as I only gained 28 with Carson. You can see where I am hoping to go by the end of this pregnancy. Needles to say I am still super excited to be this far along, way past my risky and tense moments, so here is to a wonderful rest of my pregnancy and in the future welcoming a new son or daughter into our family. 
10 Weeks Pregnant with Carson
10 Weeks Pregnant with Baby # 2

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  1. You look great! I always wish I had taken more pregnancy photos.