Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dickens a Christmas Carol

Wow, the Dickens' family was extremely spoiled this Christmas! I have to say that this Christmas was one of the most enjoyable Christmas I have had to this date, it was made especially fun by my 18 month of son Carson. The real secret about Santa that grownups do not tell kids is that it is way more fun to be Santa or Mrs Claus than it is to get stuff from them. I think Robert and I had a little fun this year shopping for Carson, and making sure to wrap each present individually so he had to open them up one by one. He also received the following in his stocking: bubbles, bath tints, alphabet magnet letters, a candy cane filled with Reese's pieces, and finally a pin impressions, he loved all of them and he would have been content with just these items, but of course it doesn't stop there. Additionally Santa brought Carson a bucket full of legos, he has yet to figure out that you put them together, but the thinks it is mighty fun to take them apart when Mommy or Daddy makes something out of them. From Mom and Dad, Carson received a Mickey Mouse tee-shirt, snow pants, 4 wooden puzzles, "James" from Thomas and Friends, a couple of Thomas movies, and the movie the Lorax, and two Golden books "Rudolph and Pocky the Puppy." Specially made by Mom he also received 16 file folder games that he can use to learn anything from colors, numbers, shapes, animals, alphabet and more, these took a lot of time months in fact, but it was a lot of fun putting them together.  From Grandma and Grandpa Dickens he got some money to be used at a later date for something needed or wanted. From Grandma and Grandpa Payne he received a much needed Church outfit, and a few other items of clothing. 

From Aunt Rachel he received a set of pj's and a candy cane filled with Candy. From Gr Grandma and Grandpa O he received to adorable trucks (mind you will not put these down, had to pry them from him to get him to take a nap on Christmas day), additionally he got a new outfit as well as a jacket from them. Finally from Gr. Grandma and Grandpa Payne, he received another Mickey outfit (will use in the future), some candy and a little puppy. As you can see Carson had plenty to play with over the course of the day and days to come that is for sure. It was so much fun to watch him want go from being timid in opening his presents, like he was scared because we had told him many times to not touch the presents to running to the tree to grab another present to open, loved the excitement on his little face. 
To round out our Christmas we received some extra cash that we will put towards new tile in our house come next spring (can't wait),  the movie "Dark Knight Rises", a wonderful note from my amazing husband, so stocking socks, a dinner gift-card  and I am sure I have left out some items we all received, but it was spoiling for sure. I am sure this is just the beginning of the fun to be had at the Dickens' home on Christmas and I say bring it on I can't wait. On Christmas we had the wonderful opportunity to have Grandma and Grandpa Dickens over to watch Carson open his Christmas presents and enjoy a wonderfully prepared meal put on by both families collectively. All in all we had a wonderful Christmas, and of course having a white Christmas was a bonus for sure. It would have all been completely perfect if Carson and Robert had not ended up sick Christmas night, it made for a long night, of washing and bathing, but they look to be on the mend. I am so blessed to have a wonderful family and friends who care about me and my little family and will bless us in times of need and times of plenty. I know that Christmas is a time for family and a time we need to reflect on the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and all that he has done for us and all that he continues to do for each and every one of us, may we all have the "Christmas Spirit" all year long to help bless all those around us in many ways. We didn't get many pictures as we were having too much fun enjoying the moment, but here are a few! 

Our Beautiful Christmas Tree after Santa came and delivered additional presents. It was great to see the presents under the tree finally, with an 18 month old they did not get put under until he was fast asleep in his crib on Christmas Eve. 

 As you can tell Carson also was a great helping in keeping the wrapping paper off the floor once the presents were unwrapped. 

Carson found some Tootsie rolls in a present and had to have one of course before he opened up another present, see his chipmunk cheeks?

Carson as of late has loved putting together puzzles, and might I had he is pretty good at them!

Loves his monster truck, and it even will roll over things and try to climb up things like Carson's toes, hehe!

Carson loves to read as you know in a few posts, Christmas was no exception.
As many of you know Carson loves cars, trucks, and his latest love trains, these are the news one he got for Christmas. 

And finally this is how Daddy likes to dress Carson, j/k he couldn't figure out how to get his new outfit on.

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