Saturday, December 1, 2012

Temple Sqare

As always we made our way up to Temple Square for our first Christmas family tradition to see the lights. No matter how many times I see the lights I will never grow tired of them, I love to see how intricate they are when putting up the lights, so many of them on each tree and bush. Last year Carson fell fast asleep pretty quickly and did not really get to take in the whole atmosphere and the peace of Temple Square, but this year was a whole different story, he loved pointing and WOW when it came to seeing the lights, don't get me wrong he had his moments of fussiness, but he loved the majority of it. We also took the opportunity to help a little 8 year girl, who was separated from her older sister, we located her sister and it turned out to be a happy ending. We also took the opportunity to take some snapshots of the lights and family, enjoy our tradition. 

Can you Tell? Carson loved the lights!

My two wonderful Brothers
Daniel and Desarae

City Creek Lights and Fountains

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