Thursday, December 13, 2012

Play Date

Yesterday a bunch of friends along with the kiddos decided to make a play date with Santa, so we went to the Provo Towne Center Mall to meet Santa and have a good time. Many of the children were afraid to meet or even sit on Santa's lap, but not Carson. Those who know Carson would not be surprised,  that he is not a shy boy. Carson walked right up to Santa with arms stretched up for Santa to pick him up, which of course he did. Carson even gave Santa a high five and pounded Santa's knuckle  so cute. I was able to capture a few pictures with the camera without having to purchase packages, so even better. Enjoy Carson's first pictures with Santa.  After adventures with Santa we head over to the kids play area to run some much needed energy off. Many of the moms were able to get cute posed pictures, but I only got action photos as Carson does not hold still for one second, he was the most active by far of all the children his age.

What do I want for Christmas?
Carson loved this slide
Oh the Joys of little ones

Ethan and Carson

Payton and Carson

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