Sunday, July 14, 2013

2 years

On Friday we took Carson in for his two year appointment and Sydni in for her two week appointment. Talk about a lot of things to be doing with both kids having June birthdays, in fact when I was filling out the paper work and the Dr. office I had to think really hard which birth date I needed to put on the paper. Wow, my son is two years old, it is still hard to believe that he is has only been with us that long, it really seems like he has always been with us! Carson did an excellent job with his shot, he only cried for a short second it seemed and he was fine, it is amazing what a few months can do for a kid. 

Carson's 2 year Stats
Weight: 32 pounds (88%)
Height: 35.5 Inches (81%)


Daddy's 2 year Stats
Weight: 33 pounds 
Height: 35 Inches

If Carson keeps this up, I will be looking up to my 14 year old that should be interesting. 

Some things Carson does and likes at 2
  • Carson still absolutely adores trains, and that is probably an understatement of the year! When he gets frustrated all he can say is "train" over and over again.
  • He is learning new words left and right these days, not even sure how many words he can say. He is starting to put a few two and three sentence words together, he is one smart boy.
  • He knows the color blue and green, and we are working on the rest. 
  • Loves to climb on everything, lately he has been climbing on the couches and saying "top"
  • He loves going to 7 Peaks and is a becoming the little dare devil. He is not scared at all by the wave pool like he was last year. 
  • Like I mention a little dare devil, he will jump off chairs and tables if we let him. 
  • Loves his Aunt Rachel
  • Is in a phase of yelling everything he says. We need to work on using our inside voices for sure. 
  • Loves to look out the window for Daddy when he comes home from work.
  • When ever the door rings it is Grandpa, so don't be offended if that is the first thing he says when he opens the door. 
  • Learned how to open doors the day is little sister was born, June 24th. 
  • He said his very first full pray this week, he did a very good job, one proud mama!
  • He transitioned into a big boy bed back in April and has done a great job with this transition. 
  • Has started letting us know when he has messed his diaper, so maybe potty training is not far off. 
  • Still eating like a bird, however, he has lately been trying new things. Has found he likes to dip things in salsa and ketchup. He will now as to "try"
  • He is very independent or would like to think he can do everything by himself. 
  • Will ask for a fork to eat every single time. 
  • He loves his baby sister, and looks for her in the bassinet every morning. 
  • He is a sweet very lovable little boy. 
  • He loves to help mom put clothes in the dryer. 
  • Loves taking baths, especially with bubbles and colored water. 
  • He is always running up and down the hall way, saying " I fast, I fast" So cute!
  • When he wants to eat he will pull out his chair and ask to be put in it. 
  • Loves nursery and loves singing time. 
  • Loves to swim
  • Loves watching movies, some of his favorites right now are (Cars, Tarzan, Despicable Me, Lorax, Rio, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Ice Age, Toy Story 3)
  • Loves playing outside and will find any dirt he can find. Would live outside if we let him. 
We love Carson and could not imagine life without him!

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