Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Carson!

Where has the time gone, my little boy is now 2, it is still hard for me to realize he is no longer a baby and is a fun, adorable, little boy. One major reason for being induced was indeed probably a selfish reason, but I really wanted to be home in time to celebrate Carson's birthday on his birth date. 

We spent a relaxing morning as a family before we began the party planning for that evening when the grandparents would come and help us celebrate our little guy's birthday. Planning began as soon as Carson was down for a nap. 

First we started the cupcakes, which included devils chocolate cupcakes, melted camel inside cupcakes, whip cream topping, as well as toffee chips and drizzled with camel topping. They turned out great and were a big hit at the party. I am extremely creative, but had to get the number 2 on the cupcakes!
Next we put up the decorations for the party including an idea that I had gotten off pinterest of a balloon avalanche. The previous day I had blown up 100 balloons while Robert put up a canopy taped to the ceiling to hold the balloons. 
 The finished project of our balloon avalanche, just waiting for Carson to wake up from his slumber.
The balloons had so much statistic that they stuck to the ceiling 

We continued to decorate for the party with streamers hanging down Carson's door, as well as streamers hanging from our front room ceiling fan and the kitchen light. I also wrote "Happy 2nd Birthday Carson" on our mirror with window markets that we had gotten for free at the Springville Children Arts Festival, turned out quite nicely.

Carson slept just long enough to get the house put together, decorated, and cupcakes finished, we even had some time to wait before the real fun began.

When Carson came out of his room we pulled the balloon canopy and let the balloons fly all over him, he loved it. He loved it so much that as soon as the initial balloon dropping commenced he went back in his room and closed the door and exclaimed "again, again!" Because he had so much fun we threw the balloons on him a few more times until he had his fill.
Love the excitement on his face!

Grandparents, Aunt Rachel, and Uncle Austin showed up about 6:30 for a small birthday celebration of opening presents and eating cupcakes and ice cream.
 This year he was not afraid/scared to dig into his delicious cupcake. In fact before we were able to fully finish the cupcakes he had already stole one off the counter to test, it was a success.
It was fun to see him open his presents, he needed no help this year to open them. From Grandma and Grandpa Dickens he received some cash as well as from both sets of Great Grandparents (he is one rich two year old!) From Grandma and Grandpa Payne he got some more cash as well as a lego tractor, and finally from Mom and Dad he got a train tent as well as a couple of additional train sets. As you can tell he got spoiled, but it is hard not to spoil a great kid like Carson.

Happy Birthday to our sweet, handsome boy. Mom and Dad sure do love you!

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