Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Temple to Temple 5k

On Pioneer Day the kids and I participated in the first Temple to Temple 5K. This is a unique situation that no other city can claim, in Provo there is only a 5K distance between the Provo Temple and the Provo Tabernacle temple( complete in 2015.) Temples are special places where families can be sealed for time and eternity. They allow us to perform ordinances in behalf of our ancestors, if they choose to accept them. It was a fun experience, in fact we walked from Nauvoo to Salt Lake city during the 5K, just kidding but they did have signs along the way as if we had. It was quite the workout for me as I Sydni was only a month old, but well worth it. Lisa also walked with us and it was fun to talk and get some exercise together. We finished in just about and hour and I say that was pretty good, because we stopped for a moment to retie baby carrier and stopped for pictures before we crossed the finish line.  

The starting line was up at the top of the Provo temple, quite the walk up the hill with a baby strapped to you and pushing the other child one handed up a steep hill, but I made it. 
 The 3 of us prior to the 5k.
The whole bunch
 We made it smiles and all!
 All 4 of us made the journey across the plains, even though you can't tell Carson did as well.

Afterwards one of the Stakes involved was cooking pancakes for the participants. Including a Native American dancer and drums. Lisa and I thought it might be fun to prepare a Native American Zumba song, we shall see. 

 Lisa really enjoyed those pancakes, can you tell?
The finish line the construction site of the soon to be Provo Tabernacle Temple
Until next year, can't wait to see the progress next year!

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