Monday, July 29, 2013

Camping 2013

It is always a fun time of year for me and my family when we go on our annual camping reunion. I am not sure exactly how long this tradition has been going on, but as far as I am concerned I personally don't remember a time when we didn't go camping as an extended O'Donnell family. Every year is a new experience with old traditions and keep on a going along with some new addition traditions, this year was no exception. 

Wednesday July 17th

Normally we arrive at our camping destination on Tuesday and stay until Saturday or Sunday, but because we had a 3 week old baby we decided to go up on Wednesday and stay until Sunday, and believe me that is enough camping with a newborn and a two year old. 

This year it was my Mom and Dad's turn to choose the camping location which was nice because it was only 2 hours away from our home. Once we got to the Uintahs it started to rain, as we arrived closer and closer to Beaverview campground we watched as the temperature went from the 90s to 57 degrees by the time we reached the campground, and boy was it a bit chilly. All four of us were not expecting the rain, so needless to say we immediately changed into warmer clothes to wait out the rain, which last off and on throughout the remainder of the day. 

The rain did allow for setting up camp luckily, but after that was said and done we got to enjoy each others company while huddled until the easy ups while the rain was blocked by tarps (always a plus to camping with multiple families you have almost everything you can think of.) 
After dinner the rain didn't stop us from attempting and succeeding to start a fire, and guess who loved the fire a little too much, yes Carson. For the remainder of camp you could always find Carson throwing in rocks (told many times not to though), finding sticks to throw in the fire. It was fun to see him so excited over something so ordinary, but it did get tiring telling not to throw things into the fire, at one point he almost lost a sippy cup, luckily Aunt Wendy was there to save it from the flames. 
Carson in his little rain jacket that luckily Grandma had thrown in her camping supplies, Carson's own jacket was soaked in seconds because of the rain. There is no chance of keeping a two year old under an umbrella or tarp he wanted to be in on the rain action.

Carson being such a big help, retrieving logs and sticks for the fire.
Some pictures of lots of us out in the rain helping build the fire. Some carried logs, some built the fire, and some held umbrella's over the fire to block the rain, a joint effort for sure. 
Have to make mention of our family's sleeping arrangements because it is just too funny not to. Because Syndi is a newborn we decided that Carson and Robert would sleep in the tent, while Sydni and myself would sleep in the van. This arrangement allowed Carson the needed sleep he need while not being woken up to a crying newborn in the middle of the night. So in order for my sleeping arrangement to work in the van we needed to buy a twin air mattress or so we thought until Robert go the idea of just packing our regular twin mattress from off the top bunk. I thought he was crazy and a laughed at the idea, but I let him back it , and lets just say it worked out nicely. 
My nice sleeping arrangements!

Thursday July 18th

Thursday turned out to be a gorgeous day to spend in the mountains, the rain had stopped and the sun came out. So what do we do, the adults took over the kids wagon and took turns going down the hill in the wagon. My Aunt Wendy had brought her metal wagon with her so we could use it to move things easier from the trailers and campsite, but I am sure she never imagined how much fun we would have as a family. Only wish I could post all the videos that we got, almost every member of the family going down in the wagon, and yes even Grandma and Grandpa joined in on the fun, you are never to old too have fun.
 My dear mom going down, it took a lot for her to go down. My grandpa told me that it was that way when they were growing up, that her older brother and younger sister would eventually talk her into most things that she didn't want to do, so I learned something new about my mom.
 Uncle Mike and Grandma after their ride down.
You are never too old to have a little bit of fun as Grandpa showed us! 
Our little family minus Sydni we didn't think it was a good idea for a newborn to ride in the wagon.
The remainder of the day consisted of lots of picture taking of the wagon experience, some annual painting projects cut out by our wonderful grandmother, delicious food as always, campfire games, and finally to end the night one of our newer traditions a movie around the campfire. It would probably blow the pioneers minds what we are able to do with a little technology and a generator, it is always fun to be able to watch a movie outside. In fact because we love it so much, we decided to have an outdoor movie for Robert's reunion this week as we are in charge. Our Thursday night movie was Cars 2, I still have to say it was not as good as the original Cars, but still cute enough. 
Our little diva or Elvis you decide

Carson was in Heaven with his Aunt Rachel by his side and a mud puddle, how could it get any better?
Carson was so intrigued with the water spout and could not figure out how others were getting water out of it, so he decided to try to figure it out on his own. Later Grandpa was nice enough to show him how to fill up his water bottle. 
After learning how to turn on the water we could find Carson at the water spout pretty much the remainder of this years camping experience. 
 A priceless picture of a grandson having fun with his grandpa. 
Playing in the wood pile another favorite pass time of Carson's

Friday July 19th

Friday it turns out we didn't take any pictures, but it was more of the same. Wagon rides, painting, eating, and just enjoying each others company. 

Saturday July 20th

See what I mean? As soon as he learned about the water spout he was all over it, getting wet and dirty the perfect combination for a 2 yr old boy!

As we have found out previously Carson is pretty allergic to bug and misquito bites. We tried to keep him sprayed with bug spray to avoid allergic reactions, but unfortunately he got a pretty swollen, red, and hard hard forearm as well as a foot. So Saturday evening he got to take some time and soak his foot in cold water to help the swelling go down. 
 Aunt Aubree and Aunt Rachel helped to pass the time. 

And finally the final family picture to add to the years of pictures!
Until Next year!

Sunday July 21st

Sunday we took the time to pack up and leave. However, we did celebrate our 7 year anniversary on the 21st. I could not imagine my life without my husband, these past 7 years have been one busy road, but would not want to spend it with anyone else, love you!
Here is a picture of when we were young, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary camping with the family as well!