Sunday, July 14, 2013

Venturing Out

As any new mom of two probably have found out, it is a lot harder than you anticipated two kids being, and I have found my situation to be no different. This past week was the first time I decided I was game to take both kids to the store as well as outside, the previous week forget it. We made it through Walmart with just a little hiccup of Carson insisting Sydni's blanket had to be thrown on the the ground multiple times, but other than that it went.

Also this week I finally took Carson back to the clubhouse park, it has just been too hot the last few weeks to go outside at any hour of the day, but last Monday was not too bad. In fact he got some needed energy released and took a nap that afternoon, yeah!

Nice and Shaded just the way we like it.

He loves to din, and climb up and down the playground, and would do it all day if I let him. 

I think I have a 2 year old going on 16.
I can hear him say, "I am ready for the road Mom!"

A new experience was enjoyed at the park as well, Potato bugs or Rolly Pollies or whatever you may call them. I was sitting on the park bench when Carson brought me over a bug he had found, he yelled, "ball!" He proceeded to hand me the Potato Bug and he watched it until if finally came out of it ball, and he busted a gut. He thought it was so funny and for the next half hour continued to find lots of them in the flower bed and bring them to me to see, when they filled over onto their backs and started moving their little feet he would tell me that they "fell" Oh to be a kid again and find joy in little things. 

He also found a bunch of ants by some goldfish. 

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