Monday, March 3, 2014

Future Artist, and all out Silliness!

In the past I have gotten out the paints for Carson, i have realized he loves to paint! Give him a few colors in his creativity shines. So with the help of the blog "Robing Egg View" we got a bit more creative, by covering up parts of our canvas, we turned toddler painting into a master piece!
Our little Artist art at work, such concentration to make sure he painting inside the canvas. 
Finally, I let Carson paint a little black, he had been asking the entire time, but I realized it is his project and if he is having fun then that is all that matters.  
So proud of his painting and so is Mama! 
During painting time, we had an unfortunate death in the family our beloved kitchen chair bit the dust. There is one sure why to get a slap of reality that you need to loose weight and that is to have a chair break out from underneath you and you land flat on my back, but it made for a fun story and a fun activity for Carson.  

Flying through the air, Carson SUPERMAN!
Making the climb
Getting ready
 Stopping for cute picture
 We have lift off
 Catching some nice air
Who knew a broken chair could be so fun. 
 Just when we thought the day could not get any more fun, Dad brings home bubble wrap!

This picture is on the way back from walking around the table. Funny story while he was walking around the table he fell over and got wedged between our two couches , he promptly yelled " help, help," we couldn't help put laugh before helping him out of his predicament. 
What a fun day with this little guy, thanks for joining our family.

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