Tuesday, March 25, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

Another St. Patrick's Day has come and gone, and once again it was a fun day! It was a pretty chill day, but first on our list was to call my little sister and wish her a Happy Birthday(20 in fact), we called and gave her a big Happy Birthday, Carson loves saying Happy Birthday. The rest of the day we just hung out and played together, it was not until dinner that the real fun began. 

I finally was able to talk Robert into eating green eggs, because I wanted to have "Green Eggs and Ham" for our dinner. 

Carson had fun squirting green food coloring into the eggs and whisking him, I think he would have been satisfied just whisking the night away. 
 No fancy dinner, but green non the less.
 Though he liked making them green, he wasn't to sure about eating them(side note: he doesn't really like eggs much.)
 Wondering if there is anything else for dinner
 Finally trying the ham and liking it. 
 Dad trying to get Carson to try the eggs
 If I have to I will try them. 
Never-mind! Cute, but very sad at the same time. 
 We were all decked out in our green clothes, unfortunatly Daddy was not and when he came home Carson realized and started pinching him. He wanted Dad to pinch him back, so clearly he didn't quite understand. Sydni's attire was picked out even before she was born, and I was hoping it would fit fine and because she is little it fit perfectly. 

Love her cute little shamrock bum.
 Our happy go lucky little princess. 
 Carson in his green shirt he picked out, he wanted the shirt with a spider on it even though it is quite big on him. 
We had a very fun day and evening together enjoying St. Patrick's day, until next year folks. 

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