Monday, March 3, 2014

Midway Ice Castle

On President's Day as a family we took a trip up to the Midway Ice Castle's, they were cool, but with two small children it was not worth it in our opinion. It was extremely crowded and at one point we lost Carson in the ice castle maze, talk about a nervous few minutes. Sydni ended up getting really cold, though Carson had a lot fun running around, it was not so enjoyable for us parents. With trying to find our toddler and trying to console the baby we didn't get to see much, so if we go again it will be on a date alone or when we have much older children.! That being said what we did see was pretty neat.

While Sydni and Mom waited in a long line, Carson and Dad wondered the grounds outside the ice castle. The long lines were due to the fact that an email was sent the evening before saying due to the warmer than expected temperatures this winter they would be closing earlier expected, we had planed to go the following Monday, but that was not in the plans. 
 Pretty neat ice sickles, they start more than 5,000 ice sickles every day, crazy!
The boys even took a moment to watch people ice skate. 
 Us girls holding our place in line, Sydni just about fell asleep while I was bouncing her. 
 Love this happy go lucky little guy of ours. 
Finally after an hour and forty-five minutes we finally made it to the entrance of the ice castle for our family photo. 
We got into the castle just as they turned on the lights which added a nice little touch to the whole experience. 
 If Carson could express what he was feeling, I am sure he would say he LOVE it!
Picture taken just before we lost Carson for a good couple of minutes. He manged to duck around people when we were not and he was gone in a flash.  Luckily for us, a young adult had cornered him when she she didn't notice a party close by, which I  appreciated, it could have turned out very differently in today's world, thanks to my Heavenly Father for watching out for my child when I could not.  This experience made us realize that we will never go back with kids until they are much older and can listen much better. 
 Absolutely marvelous. 
We did see some pretty neat ice sickles, wish we could have seen more rather than chasing a toddler around, but you live and learn. We did end on a positive note and had has our normal dinner in Midway, good old Dickey's Barbecue Pit. 

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